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Looking for an artist to draw something special for my friend

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Hey guys.

I have a friend on Twitter who absolutely adores a character named Goro Majima from Yakuza series & I really want to make her happy by asking an artist to create a fanart of Majima & her being happy together smiling. Of course, I will credit the artist as well.


See, thing is, she has chronic pains all over her body & I really want a good artist to put her in a best mood if possible. She tries her best to stay happy but the pain keeps coming.


Problem is, I can't draw myself & don't have a credit card to pay the artists. And I don't trust PayPal either.


Though one thing I can do is gift that specific artist a video game of any choice if they so desire. On Steam or gog.

I just need that artist's contact info.


Thank you in advance.

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