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INVIS10.wad - 15 years in the making. :)

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Posted (edited)
14 hours ago, ketmar said:

5MB? meh. just attach it here.


Ahh, you kids today have it so easy. :) Back then we had to fight with compuserve, because the files we used to build ETERNAL DOOM (Part 1) were more than 500 k and couldn´t be shared with their Mail-service 

So here we go, I included the file above for convienience...

Edited by theDia : Put the file in the main post. :)

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4 hours ago, theDia said:

Back then we had to fight with compuserve

you were happy people. back in my youth i was going to city's central store to play Doom. because they had several hours of "free access to PC", and if you were lucky (read: came at early morning to be among the first), you could play doom at the evening.


What you think of as pain is only a shadow. Pain has a face. Allow me to show it to you. Gentlemen, I... Am... Pain.

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Posted (edited)

some errors:

linedef 6792 is missing low texture.

some linedefs in sector 691 are missing upper texture (this creates slight visual glitch).

you seem either relying to flat floodfill bug, or hope that freelook is off with some door decorations (see sector 657 -- it is too high, and glitches).


sorry, i don't have time/inspiration to play the map right now (will prolly do it later). i like what i seen in the beginning, though. and sorry for nitpicking -- those texturing bugs are tiny, and don't ruing visuals. ;-)

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29 minutes ago, ketmar said:

you were happy people. back in my youth...


Back when we are kids we had to walk 40 miles to school every day...through the snow...without shoes and we lived in a shoebox with 13 people. 3:)

But of course you´re right, I also remember those times, but for me it was waiting in line to play a PONG-console when it was the hot shit. Strangely enough I played every console since then and most of the relevant (except all War-Stuff, I simply can´t stand it) Games, but none stayed by my side like Doom. :)

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5 minutes ago, ketmar said:

either relying to flat floodfill bug,


You got me there - I like the light-FX you can create this way. We discovered this when building ETERNAL back then, probably I should use something else in my next work. :)

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45 minutes ago, theDia said:

probably I should use something else in my next work.

the map is not vanilla anyway, so boom separate floor/ceiling lighting won't ruin it. ;-) it is freakin' hard to emulate this bug in OpenGL sourceports (advertising and self-promotion: i am the author of k8vavoom).


and yeah, welcome back. and bring us more maps, please! ;-)

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Awesome! Eternal is one of my favorite megawads and I recognize some of these textures from retres.wad. Screenshots look great, thanks for finishing and uploading this, looking forward to playing this:)

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Thanks for the heartly welcome backs. :)

Sadly I lost m old account, because I changed my internet-provider during the last 15 years and couldn´t log in anymore. Well, sh*t happens. :)
I´m very impressed to see, that Doomworld is still running strong and even found some other oldtimers still roaming the realms.

Very slowly I´m getting back in the saddle, so be prepared for more Dia-Stuff in the future...



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Ok, i played the map on UV and there are some slight errors here i am going to report for you fix:


Screenshot_Doom_20190613_131012.png.2945c83c8bd64dd554462b5b3d331a2a.pngWhile i appricieate the idea of using autosaves as a way to help progression, there is an issue when you go exit the area through the door, making you save 2 time instantly, i am pretty sure this wasn't supposed to do that


The barrier of the archvile is only visible inside but not outside unlike the other monster tubes seen

Screenshot_Doom_20190613_131728.png.63ea9663bae7bcb1ee6827f368601c57.pngSame issue here with the rails here they lack the other side of it


other things id' like to be pointed out:

the strooges thing could use an indication that you need to kill them in order to do so... some people would just go to the Mancubi and then found out they wasted the shots, other things to point out it's probably not recommended putting the 3rd (of the first 3 streooges) outside of the teleport area if you don't want them to be telefragged


the friendly monsters betrayed me apparently after i spawned them all

also that rocket trap is sorta of annoying after you teleport in front of it.

outside of it i think it's a fun map, with some lack of ammo and the stealth monsters but it checks out


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1 hour ago, Redead-ITA said:

Ok, i played the map on UV and there are some slight errors here i am going to report for you fix:

  Hide contents



Thanks a lot for your comments.

The double save thing never came into my mind, but that´s an easy fix - I will add a few seconds delay to it. Call me stupid, but I really never used the teleporter when hunting the stooges, but of course you´re right, also I will ad an "in sequence" to the according message and switch 2 and three around, which will fix the telefrag possibility. 

I also will change a big point some other tester pointed out. Because really jumping and mouselook are only needed for grabbing the goodies and the first shootable switch. I used both back then when starting the map, because this was the big new thing, but now I´m probaby losing the more vanilla-players due to it.

The update will come after my next map, because right now I´m planning to use Invis as level 2 in a episode of four or five levels with an ongoing theme. Let´s say it will be Eternal Doom 4.2. :) 

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Posted (edited)
6 hours ago, theDia said:

right now I´m planning to use Invis as level 2 in a episode of four or five levels with an ongoing theme

YAY! (fingers crossed; i wish i could pentagram my fingers, of course, but...)

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A little update.

In between Invis (will be level 4 or 5) is ready to go. Mouselook and Jumping aren´t needed anymore, because in the week I spent again here on DW I discovered that most of the recent players prefer a more vanilla play-approach. All bugs - even those @leodoom85 found and exploited in his (unreleased) video-playthrough - are squished and some areas look and feel very different now. So even if you played invis11 before you´re in for some surprises. :)

But the best thing of all I have an composer on board. Electronic- and filmmusic-fan Michael Engels (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1477657/) will compose some action-packed tracks fitting the levels. For invis I used one of his unreleased themes from "Violent Shit" for now and even if it´s only a placeholder - his style works really great during the action.

So if anyone wants to test this (almost final) version - just PM me.

Have fun and a great weekend...



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4 minutes ago, Suitepee said:



I play this at 29:30 into this playtest livestream.

Thanks - i will watch it after work. :) I like your style of playing...but as mentioned, by now the level is really different. :)

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@Suitepee FYI - the map was completed in 2004 for ED IV and in this way you were right - it was a time we all experimented with all the new features of ZDoom.

Interesting enough I could surprise you a few times with tricks I build 15 years ago, so I wasn´t totally on the wrong way back then when ZDoom was in it´s infant days.


What I did for version 1.0 (which you played) was just fine-tuning and re-learning the scripting language. What has become of the map in between will probably surprise you when it will be released in it´s final form - just gimme a few weeks. :)

What I found interesting when re-visiting the forums was that most of the younger Doomers prefer a more "vanilla"-approach, so I will adapt to this a bit more (f.e. the jumping/mouselooking is gone now), but I will still use the Eternal ressources, because (as you could see in Invis(city) ), there are still new ways to utilize them. 

At least I didn´t bore you and you weren´t lost in the map or in the puzzles (which was one of the biggest criticism Eternal got even back then).

So be prepared - there is more Dia-stuff coming in the near future. :) 

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