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Urban Abyss - Doom2 Level - Hope for some feedback

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I want to show you my third ever made Doom2 level. My last try was in 2016. Since the review feature on idgames/database is gone I decided to post my wad on this forum hoping for some feedback. I am afraid the beta download-section isn't working either?


Done all in Slade3 and tested in Gzdoom. (Sector lightmode Doom, no jumping, crouching and freelook not intendet). I'm sure it workes fine in zdoom, too.


I'm unexperienced in monsterplacement and hope it's not too hard in UV (designed for) or too easy in HMP because I'm the only one who tested my map. And I'm clearly not very good in Doom -.-


You can download my map on https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/urbanabyss


English isn't my native language, sorry for my clunky spelling. 8-/


urbanabyss (3).png

urbanabyss (1).png

urbanabyss (2).png

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This looks very cool so far! Will try it out eventually.

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Wow, this is quite good for a third map ever. The map has some rather dark parts and might be considered cramped by some, but the layout with its quasi-puzzle elements is clever and intriguing. There's something of a pervasive yearning for resolve/closure/understanding, so it's got a nice atmospheric touch too. I played on ultra-Violence and I think the difficulty is fine, though I will say the first half or so was pretty tight on ammo, including the fact that I had only shotgun until about 75 enemies dead. But I also only found one secret: the megaarmor. I think enemies are used pretty well, but it's the environment itself that makes the combat. 


If you ever want testers before a public release, you can use this thread to find willing players.

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@HAK3180Thank you for your kind words! I have to admit that I personally love narrow corridors and my goal was to create a claustrophobic atmosphere.

I will deal with the subject of ammunition and will take more care of it in the future. Because of my lack of experience, I was not brave enough to give the player stronger weapons. I'll work on that topic.

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Posted (edited)



@Suitepee Cool, thanks for playing. It was a lot of fun to watch and I'm happy that in the end it was obviously entertaining for you. :o) The one-way door at the beginning was because of this little pinkytrap, but I agree, in retrospect it was a bit unnecessary. 

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