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Naked Snake

Don's Challenge 4

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The 3rd floor made the first two look like a walk in the park. As soon as I stepped off the elevator I was surrounded by those brown things and some zombies. Luckily there was a lot of barrels around, making my job easier as I shot one barrel, the explosion killing two of the brown things. The third one rushed me and slashed with its claws tearing my shirt and slashing my chest, though not deeply. I kicked it back and fired three rounds into it, killing it. Zombies started walking up the steps. Bad mistake for them because the steps had at least three barrels. The first 4 zombies were near one barrel, which I shot. The actual explosion killed 3 and set the other one on fire. It ran around flailing its arms and growling in pain. It ran back down the steps, hitting another zombie and landing on top of him. The flaming zombie basically killed the other one by burning it to death. Two more zombies started up the steps and I aimed but the one on the right was quicker. It raised its shotgun and fired. Lucky for me I only took one buckshot bb in the left arm. Hurt like hell but with some medical kits I could use my arm after I patched it up. I shot and killed the one that shot me and then fired again, killing the second one. I reloaded my .357 and continued down the steps.

The hallway was pretty small and I walked to my left to a large room with a pool of that toxic sludge shit. I looked around and noticed a door, which I ran over to. I pressed the switch and heard a buzz. A computerized voice spoke.
"This door requires a Level 3 security card. Would you like to know more about security cards? If so, say "help keys"." I shrugged and said "Help keys". It responded instantly.
"Level 1 security cards are red, they give a user access to low level security wings, such as computing's data-hub. Level 2 security access cards are yellow, they give a user access to semi-sensitive security wings, such as the technology branch in Specimen Containment. Level 3 security cards are blue. They give the user access to high-level security areas, such as the Research and Development wing on this floor. Level 3 security areas are protected by security cameras, guards, sign in checkpoints, ID checks and other security measures. This facility also has an Emergency Override diskette which overrides all locked doors. This diskette can only be used in emergencies. Misuse of the Emergency Override diskette will result in either a disciplinary talk or shoot-on-sight, depending on what you are trying to access. Thank you and have a nice day"

I chuckled. All I had to do was find some stupid diskette? I had an idea. "Help map".
"Sorry, this terminal is out of paper, therefore, it cannot print a detailed map of the facility. We aplogize for the innconvience". Damn, my plan backfired. Whatever, I had more important shit to do, like nab that blasted diskette. I turned around and walked back the way I came. On the way I tripped and fell against the wall. The wall opened up and I fell into a room. There were security terminals all around but they were off. I looked to my right to see some steps, which I walked up. At the top I found a treasure trove! A weapons belt, a bandolear for my clips, a pair of European Pistols which were light enough that I could hold both at the same time, some clips for the pistols, some 10mm rounds, some 9mm clips and some grenades. I also found a medkit, which I used to patch my wounds up. I also found a windproof Zippo lighter, which I put in my pants pocket. Things were looking up. I rushed back down the steps, pistols in hand.

The forth floor was pure hell from the start. I opened the door and saw a horrible transluecent pink...MONSTER! Its back was turned to me but from what I saw, it had horns, muscular arms, sharp claws and one bigass mouth. A zombie in a room attached to the tiny entranceway where the pink thing was. It fired and hit the beast. It charged the zombie and bit the damned thing's head right off! This pissed off pink thing then went out of my view but I heard growls and snarls. Next thing I know I see fireballs and bullets flying everywhere! Sucking in a lot of air, I rushed into the room, turned and fired at everything I saw. In the end I put down 6 zombies, 2 brown things and that pink thing. I had emptied two full clips, so I reloaded. I walked up the steps and I opened the old nasty door at the top. On the other side was another damned brown spikey creature. I pulled out my .357 and shot it in the back of the head, killing it instantly. I walked out into the room and noticed another fucking slime pit. "What is it with all this damn toxic crap?" I muttered. I walked up some more steps and approached yet another door. This one, however, did not have a switch. "What the fuck". I turned around and noticed that there was another area, down the steps I went and around the slime pit. On the other side there was more steps. I was starting to hate steps. So, yeah, I walked up them and pressed the switch at the top. I heard a whine which I guessed was that door. I turned around and ran to go see.

It was indeed the switch to the door. I walked through and went down an elevator. I walked through this dark room with energy generators. Inside a cubby I found a zombie but it didn't have a weapon. It was in pretty bad shape, looked to be decaying. It raised its arms and slowly walked towards me. I aimed my .357 and shot it right in the mangled face. Its head exploded, spraying gore everywhere, even on me. I walked through the room until I found another door, which I opened. A simple catwalk was on the other side. I walked straight ahead, after that I'd check the right. Ahead I found two things that would aid me greatly. I found a nice 12 gauge shotgun with a strap and a map to the facility! I looked at the map, studying it closly. I determined where I was and looked. My choice to check out the right side was a great one because the map said that there was a First Aid station there! I pumped my arm in victory and rushed to the First Aid station.

I stepped inside and flicked on the light. "Yes!" I said under my breath. Loads and loads of medkits, medication packs and other goodies. I decided to open a medkit and treat some other scrapes and bruises. I opened the medication pack, expecting a shitload of pills. Nope, just a single needle. I read the label. "Universal Anti-Virus, Universal Anti-Bacteria, General Stimulants, Painkillers, Nootropics (which I know that they improve brain function. No they don't make you smarter, they just help you think better), Hyrozine (helps you stay awake longer) and adrenaline.". Damn, what a cocktail! I shot myself up and felt the effects almost instantly! I searched around more and found a refridgorator, which contained food and drink. I ate some food (not food really, it was a compound filled with tons of vitamins and minerals but it tasted and felt like a cheese stick) and had some "Nutrition Energy Drink". I felt great, better than I had in years in fact. I looked around in the back and found something else. Beds, a sink and a shower. I went back to the First Aid Station door and locked it, then went back. I decided to take a shower and take a nap...

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Question: Have you thought of making the maps you describe here? I'd bet they turn out sweet!

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ravage said:

Question: Have you thought of making the maps you describe here? I'd bet they turn out sweet!

Uh, 1) these maps are from Don's Challenge (with some changes made by me, story wise.) 2) Don's Challenge's maps are just modified E1 maps.

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