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does it need to be easier? i cant beat it. (pics)

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22 hours ago, Suitepee said:



I play this at 1:20:35 into this playtest livestream.


Thanks for playthrough, John.


I am a bit ambivalent towards it. I think the concept is honestly just sorta broken.  I considered adding more routes and expanding the walking areas around the columns, but I am not entirely sure that would fix the main issue of the fact that the map is extremely linear.

Im fuxing around with some green and grey and maybe i can pull off something more interesting soonish - aside from my overarching episode idea. Which its become rather obvious to me that I basically had 2 map designs: 1) exploratory, and 2) b-lining to the exit.  And B-lining to the exit, like in this map, is just less fun than the other concepts I have.


Thanks again!


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