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[WIP] BlooM: Weapon and Character Replacement

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BlooM Is a Weapon mod I've been working on for the past 2 months. It's the first doom mod I've made, and I personally am kinda happy with it for a first mod. It introduces Eight new Weapons, and Replaces the Main Character with Bloo, an old Character of mine which I don't have a better name for. Basically, She's a gal with a gun.


Weapon List:



The Bitch Slap

Assert dominance by flapping your arms in the general direction of the enemy! Does Fuck-all Damage.





Desert Eagle .50AE

Oversized, Impractical, and completely Overkill, all the reasons this is Bloo's Firearm of Choice. However, For fighting the hordes of hell, It's actually kind of Weak. Still, a Reliable Sidearm, and if It doesn't work, you can always hit them in the head with it.




The Infinity Spork

Armed with all 6 Infinity Jelly Beans, this Weapon will strike fear into the hearts of all monsters, with it's ability to Consume 50% of all Food in the Universe*!
Note: Feature allowing the consumption of 50% of all food in the universe not included. It's just a fancy spork.




While Rarer than it's Abundant Usage in Pop Culture would Suggest, UAC's Sergeants Were armed with this Famous Shotgun. It's Powerful, with a Wide Spread. However, Nobody here seems to know that you can fire it Semi Automatically.



Olympia 72

The Rottweil Skeet Olympia was Smuggled into UAC Areas by Soldiers who wanted something more Classic and Rugged. An Over-Under Double barrel shotgun, It's more Accurate than the SPAS, at the cost of Longer reloads. You'd probably want to use an M14 Instead, but it's not in this mod. Sorry.





Kriss Vector .45

A Futuristic Looking SMG chambered in .45 ACP. Many Chaingunners kept one as a backup in case their Miniguns dematerialise Spontaneously. Shoots fast, but not very accurate.





Barrett M82

Due to a Manufacturing Error, all of UAC's Barretts' Scopes cracked, rendering them useless for sniping, so they were mostly just kept as decoration. Guess it's time to unleash your Inner Noscoper. Also, Has the magical ability to use two bullets to cause a fuckin' Explosion.




The LGBTQABCDWTF++ Laser Rifle A.K.A The Rainbonator

Seeing as LGBTQABCDWTF++ was a mouthful, most people resorted to calling it the Rainbonator. Shoots Deadly Laser beams in Pretty colours, with a Secondary fire that Shoots a BFG-Like Projectile, Though weaker and more Costly than the Real thing. 



The Sax-a-Boom DG-1

The Shockwave Launcher DesiGn 1, nicknamed the Saxaboom, was a Prototype Weapon made by a bored UAC Engineer. It fires a wide burst of air, capable of tearing apart most enemies. If the UAC Base didn't get destroyed, this thing would've probably gone into mass production, after a Design Cleanup. Oh well.




Download Here!


Edited by Cyann3 : Added new Weapon

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New Weapon! The Sax-a-Boom DG-1! Finally, a BFG replacement.


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