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New GZDoom breaks my level. :(

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I'm confused.  A level that tests perfectly well in 3.72 is messed up in the latest build.  I copied it to the new folder twice to make sure something didn't get broken in the copying process.  Floor heights seem to be moved around and a 3D floor that was used to make a bridge now appears in other sectors as well.  Why does this happen?  What has been done to 4.1.2 to break 3D floors?

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Take a look at this recent thread. It discusses your problem and the problem has apparently been resolved. 

I hope that it works for you too

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Posted (edited)

The problems with your map are:

1. Invalid data encountered for texture E1M1-3B.pk3:textures/blood1


2. Script warning, "E1M1-3B.pk3:decorate" line 30:
Unknown class name 'LightShaft2bRIGHTER' of type 'Actor'


3. Script error, "E1M1-3B.pk3:voxeldef"line 1:
Voxel "ammoa" not found.


4. referencing these 3 linedefs to every sector with tag 0





and maybe the overuse of shaders, but that is a matter of personal preference.

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Thanks.  I'm not sweating problems that GZDoom cries about before it loads that don't have a practical impact after (though I am working on fixing them anyway).  Curious about opinions on the levels themselves, but really just looking for a solution to that crazy floor.  I'll fix it now that I know what's wrong.  As for the rest, all I can say is that these levels have some evolution ahead of them for sure.  Not less shaders, because a large part of the theme is lighting everything 100% dynamically, which I'm sure is not to everyone's taste.

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