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 For me the demons in Eternal look much more morbid and disturbing than in any previous Doom game.

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He looks like a shotgunner considering his armor's color and some of the other footage of the demo with the shield guy.

Because chaingunners used to have red armor.

I wouldn't mind a chaingunner enemy based off the D3 tentacle commandos, specially if they're also based off the cut D3 sounds with the loud, english speaking phrases like "Your kind are over". (the ones from the beta/alpha from Trent Reznor, which is like, one of the greatest losses in this franchise)


Also: Would anyone mind if the Marauder was an enemy and not a recurring boss?

On one hand, it'd be interesting to see a rival for Doomguy. (like, imagine a Doom equivalent of Vergil or Shadow)

On the other hand, this could be the first time an enemy ever carried another SSG. (and nowaday's former humans don't even carry the same UAC arsenal as you)


Considering how former humans were meant to carry the same weapons as the player and the Doomguy was pretty much a representation of humanity (which he had to save from Hell), i feel like if the Slayer was to come from a different world, it would make sense if his people were in a similar situation: everyone is doomed except the main character and some of the folks that were meant to fight demons got corrupted.


So the Marauder is to the Night Sentinels what former humans/possessed soldiers are to the UAC and mankind.


I guess this means we could have some possessed angels that otherwise, oppose Hell.


It can also be difficult to come up with someone on the level of the current Doom marine, so an army of different demons is already good enough.

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This is such an awesome cast of baddies that are going to be featured in Doom Eternal. Can't wait to face off against them in-game!

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Man... I really would love Snapmap again with all these new monsters. *sigh*

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On 9/2/2019 at 9:24 AM, whatup876 said:

Trent Reznor, which is like, one of the greatest losses in this franchise

The truth.

plus yep, tentacle commandos were one of the best DOOM enemies ever. Utterly savage, unrelenting and their voices always gave me chills.

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They also remind me of something in regards of Doom enemy designs: they don't have to make sense, just go with some idea that is cool.


I think an issue with the new Doom universe is that Doom is technically a mix of sci fi and fantasy + religious references (and then of course action and even horror) but the new games feel like they lean heavy on the sci fi part.


You have the codex entries describing demons like they're alien like, some parts of the designs and how UAC scientists are responsible for some of the demons, specially cybernetic and even some non cybernetic ones.


As if Hell creating new creatures would have been too silly while the place isn't as abstract as classic Doom Hell. (even when Eternal has 1 ups now)


It's like there's some lack of magic or supernatural/paranormal logic.

Like if the sci fi side of things is UAC and Mars, should the other side not have any scientific explanations? like lost souls just floating and burning just because?

Specially because an entity like Hell can be stronger with anti science/weird "magic" alone.


I remember some article talking about how a sequel to 2016 could improve on the game and asking a question "Where Did The Weird Go?".

Which makes me think a bit more of the otherwise small story of the originals and see how in some ways, it can be more fitting than 2016's lore.


But at the same time, Hell always had a bit of sci fi with some demons like the brain spiders and Archviles already looking alien like and the tech they've had on the levels' visuals. But even then, there was still a level of weirdness in that verson of Hell.


I think besides gameplay, a way to expand the series is with art direction and designs instead of just story.

Because some of the new design ideas and visuals are good on their own, they can already speak something without a backstory or lore.


Like, if story is how some designs end up being cool looking, then that's great, but if it's also what limits some design direction, then focus more on the fact that this new enemy or gun just looks cool and would still fit Doom.

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