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New Difficulty (Classic Iron man)

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I just had to make an account just to throw this idea out there after watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWGcvxM6XmY

I couldn't help think when he was talking about the 1ups and the safety net it provided that you could do something like how dying worked back in the original Doom. When you die in Doom and Doom 2 you would start at the beginning as most of us well know with nothing to your name but the lowly pistol. You would have to run around or slowly kill minions to get some semblance of an arsenal once more to continue your rampage. As for the actual iron man mode that they had in 2016, it added the difficulty i love from the original(more so actually), but it was frustrating to play for 2 hours and dump it on something that should be really trivial. I still want the punishment of dying to be real on that kind of difficulty but without the progress loss.


So with the addition of the 1ups that will save you from an untimely OPPS!, in this mode when you fully die (no more 1ups), it starts you at the start of the level. No weapons, no runes, no perks. The only thing that you could keep from other levels would be the weapon upgrades for the various "tools" you have collected from past levels. Reason for this is because the perks and runes, if they work like 2016, they will be either hidden or in your way as you progress. But they were never REALLY needed in your slaying. They usually added some nice QoL abilities, or something that kept you going even though most of extending your survivability came from glory kills and staying out of harms way. Only really the weapon upgrades were the most noticeable in terms of making an impact on your way to killing the Spider Mastermind. For that reason i think they should stay in this game mode. To make up for the fact that you lose even your weapons(not upgrades) when you die, they also pull a Doom 1&2 and put the various weapons through out the maps. On all of them. Sadly this would be more work but i doubt that much as you could just make it like its an ammo drop like in the old games if you already had the gun.


As for the 1ups and the save system, i think an easy guard could be put up to prevent save scumming. There is no loading your game. Only Save, Save&Quit, and Continue. This would prevent people from saving on every encounter to prevent them from dying on something they would normally do so or even on something easy. That way they would not be able to collect a large amount of 1ups before a boss fight and just lol their way threw it.


I don't think this idea has been posted as after a quick look nothing like this came up so i would be interested in other peoples thoughts on this and if it is favorable, maybe it could be seen in game. Who knows?







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