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Infighting in Doom Eternal

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So going by the awesome E3 footage, it looks like scripted infighting is back. You mostly see monsters fighting with the unwilling.


But I hope they do more with that concept than in Doom '16. Non-scripted infighting was a thing but it was incredibly hard to accomplish. To give the game more replay value, it would be nice to concentrate on other tactics such as making the bigger, stronger monsters fight each other when you're low on ammo/health.


And please, please, please. We need a Gotcha level in Doom Eternal....

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OH YESSS... Imagine, Retro-Cyberdemon vs. Neo-Cyberdemon. Retro-Cyberdemon vs. Spider Mastermind. Neo-Cyberdemon vs. Spider Mastermind. Retro-Cyberdemon vs. Neo-Cyberdemon vs. Spider Mastermind.

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