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Doom Level/Map Editing Video Tutorials with Eureka

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Welcome to Doomworld!


Thanks for putting together these videos. I watched a few of them and they're informative for anyone interested in starting out with Eureka. The videos can be a good companion to the manual that some other DW users started to put together. (This may be the same manual that is already referenced on the Eureka website.) While Eureka isn't as fully featured as some other editors (for instance, it can't do UDMF and dynamic lights), I find it is still a good editor.


Unfortunately, Andrew Apted is no longer developing Eureka (at least, he wasn't as of the end of March). Perhaps that will change at some point in the future, but, for now, he is only fixing serious bugs that people find.


Three things (my complete apologies if you already know them):

  • When you add a texture to a two-sided lindef in 2D, Eureka adds the same texture to the upper and lower sidedefs automatically. Have both of these be the same will cause a switch to not animate. Having Eureka fix that just changes the lower sidedef to something else.
  • Sector type 11 disables IDDQD and the rad suit (but not the invulnerability powerup) and lowers your health continually until you reach 11% or lower and then ends the level. It doesn't actually kill you and isn't meant to be an actual death exit. That is why you start the next level at 1% (or whatever up to 11%) health instead of reverting to 100% health, no armor, and a pistol, like you would in a true death exit. It works that way at the end of E1M8 because it's the end of the episode and you have to start over anyway by selecting E2 from the menu.

Good videos! Thanks again for putting them together.

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Thanks for this, I'll give Eureka a chance, seems like a pretty editor 

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