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stuck on e3m7 "No Regrets"

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passed through the second door area once, descended down again to get some health, found a secret in the room with cage walls, got to the end where the elevator to the trap room is and when the elevator brings me up - the passage is closed off! i tried both kicking and activating it. i also don't see any other activables anywhere else

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I just checked the level and could complete it without problems. I got the first two keys (blue and red), went to the room with caged walls, crossed the area with lava pits and found the elevator. It took me to the yellow key, then found a teleporter that sent me back to the room with three colored door. I noticed you can't use the elevator leading to the yellow key again if you picked it up once. Maybe that's the problem.


Here's a video walkthrough that may help you.


If you're still stuck after that, just idclip in case you somehow broke sequence or bugged the map somehow.

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yes, that's the exact problem. in my experience, no other level would allow player to softlock themselves by retracking through previously cleared areas.


on that note, it's a bit not-nice how there are so many acid pits with no way out in several maps, but it probably deserves a separate topic.

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