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Protocalls For Up-Loading? - Info needed -

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Clueless noobie here. - Built many wads for exclusive use in my on-site gaming center over 20 years ago.

Have some SP / Co-op for Doom 1, a series of 4 player DM for Doom 2 and a few unpopulated experimental

levels that I used for testing architectural illusion ideas that other builders might be interested in seeing.


Last time I built was in 1999 - 2000 when DEU crapped out on my system and I could never get it to run

again, and my business failed when online gaming became common sometime around 1998 - 2000 and I

had to sell everything off, moved to a remote area where net service was useless (dial up maxed out at 30k and

bottoming out at ((no joke)) point zero 3k) - So I've been out of the loop for a long time. Somewhere between

the move and puter upgrades I lost track to my Doom maps which was a heartbreaker for me. - I put so

much work into them over a period of five years. MaxCastle was over a year build time, and my DM maps

were playtested by the walk-in public and refined many times over to make them easy to learn a thrill to

play having many back-arounds open views and leaps to objectives - and included fair-play features like

safe-start rooms and multi-player exits.


I thought these maps were lost forever and gave up hope of ever seeing them again - but just recently rediscovered

them on an old HD. - Outside of my shop these maps have never been released to the public and now I'd like to

share with anyone interested; Which brings me (finally) to my question(s)::


Is there any set process or requirements for me to meet to UL these? - Are there forum 'gods' that examine and test

maps to get approval for posting? - Where do I post/UL to? - I have them on my cloud drive - do I just post the links here?


Sorry for the long wheeze.. felt the background was an important opener.


Thanks for any info you can offer - You can contact me here or find me on steam where I use the same handle.

- This ancient noob appreciates it - !     Pic 1 MaxPmpei experimental - Pic 2 MaxEffx1 experimental - Pic 3 MaxCastl inspired by NJ_Castl.wad

Max Pompeii Experimantal.JPG

Max Effects 1 Experimantal.JPG

Max Castle 01.JPG

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Welcome! This thread has instructions for uploading to the idgames archive:



It's pretty complex compared to more modern ways of sharing, but the archive is a nice safe place for maps to live forever, so it's well worth the effort imo. Always fun to see old maps dug up, especially ones with interesting backstories like these. Good luck. :D

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