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What Was the First Map You Published or Made?

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Hey everyone, I'm looking for map making inspiration and want to play some more basic maps for inspiration.


I haven't published anything yet, but I figure this thread would generate good discussion.

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My very first map shared here:

First one pushed to idgames:

Most recent release(needs eternity engine to run it):

I hope it helps. 

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I build my very first map around november 1995 but never released it. :)

My second work was a project called "Weapons.wad" in which the player was forced to survive each level with mostly one special weapon in mind. While fiddling around with this (and completing the first 4 levels) I was hired by Team Eternal for Eternal Doom. So my first published maps were ED 03 and 08. The starting level of weapons.wad became level 14 of ED later. 

After ED I swiotched to Quake and Quake2 for a time, worked a year with the Acknex-Engine (talk about hell) and just a few weeks ago the bug bit me again. So one could say Invis10.wad is my first ever released level - and it took 15 years to complete. :) 



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Thanks y'all for posting!


4 hours ago, greyscale83 said:

Hi, I've done my first map back in 2016


I really dig this map, the layout is surprising for one's first map. You don't see design like this in most of vanilla Doom, and the map has a good amount of verticality to it, especially since you can jump from some spots onto lower spots where ammo/mobs are. While my maps do have variable heights to them, I haven't played much with verticality in level design.


I also like how the exit is at the beginning of the level, telling the player what/where

the goal of the map is.



1 hour ago, Misty said:

First one pushed to idgames:


I played your first map, and I played your second one too. I like how, a central critique of your first map was that it didn't have much heigh variation. I dig that the very start of the second map descends from the spawn point.




As if to be like "This map is going to be very different from my first one". Btw I like the music you put into your first map. Your second map is certainly a massive departure from your first map, the architecture is certainly giving me a lot of ideas. Thanks for your comment Lain, will get to playing your third map soon.


19 minutes ago, theDia said:

My second work was a project called "Weapons.wad" in which the player was forced to survive each level with mostly one special weapon in mind.


I'll definitely get to playing this next, I just need a break from Doom.

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Posted (edited)

I made this map in 2015. It's almost comically basic and it may look like a joke map, but I was actually serious. It's about monster infighting, and for the majority of the map your only weapon is the Berserk.







The rest of the maps you can see them on my profile or by searching my username on idgames.

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