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How do I make my MIDIs sound like DOOM music?


So I'm very new to making WADs, currently watching tutorials and learning. What I'm interested in is making custom music for my levels. I already know how to import MIDIs with SLADE and stuff, but they have that default windows soundfont sound to them and I want them to sound like actual DOOM music. How exactly do I do that?

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You should extract the IWAD's MIDIs and see what they do. You'll see the instrument choices and maybe figure out a variety of things. You could also try to look up about composing and tips when doing so.


Also, the standard windows soundfont is how most people hear doom MIDIs, and it's what people associate with classic Doom most often.


If you're referring to Doom 2016, well you're out of luck, cause MIDIs can only play notes with (a large variety of) specific instruments and nothing else. Try making music with tools for general digital music if so.

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Posted (edited)

im not sure what you mean by "sound like doom music"


dont most people hear doom music with the windows soundfont?


idk how you want it to sound, but you can change the soundfont used in SLADE previews by going to preferences > audio

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