I broke out of my mapmaking slumber and made a level! I tried to tone back on my obsessive detailing/neatness to make a level reminiscent of the time when it was cool for me to just be able to make my own levels, when every Imp and trap was something exciting. I made sure each difficulty setting was different in almost every place - my dad still died on Hurt Me Plenty twice when he played it though! Oops.   It's loosely inspired by the GBA (technically Saturn) version of E3M1, Hell Gate, which I played when I was younger. You can choose which path you take! Or take both. I'm thinking of expanding this into a full Inferno episode with this level being the first. Pretty short, has two secrets.     Name: Flipping Heck Game: Doom (1) Format: Vanilla Level slot: E3M1 Difficulty levels implemented   [Download]