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Gore Nests are in the game

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Can't provide screenshot, unfortunately, but a YouTube ad I got for the game had a shot with one in. And it was definitely a 'normal' one, not the super ones we've already seen.

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Yeah I expected them to be in the game, it would be surprising for them to remove Gore Nests entirely. I did hear some stuff about how there are supposedly less "Gore Nest arenas" and more actual open to explore levels with enemies already walking around.

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4 minutes ago, qdash said:

Proof plz.

As I said, it's in a YouTube ad. Refresh enough on a monetised video and you might see it - didn't have a chance to grab a screenshot as it went by pretty quick.

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Posted (edited)



According to Hugo, the new golden gores nest are a super secret which leads to a very challenging arena.  They are related to the corruption meter.

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