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ALIENS: ERADICATION RC2 Update (Graphics, weapon, alt fires, etc). Many exciting changes based on suggestions and feedback from the community. Thanks everyone! 


New trailer





Changes from RC1 to RC2 (Graphics, weapon, alt fires, etc.)



Improvements, fixes and additions based on feedback from the modding community (See below).


    -Alien BLOOD/ACID COLOR is a dull yellowish/green instead of neon green which is used for the Predator.
    -MOTION TRACKER signals are no longer color coded for individual actors and are now represented by simple white dots. Facehugger warning has been removed.
    -MOTION TRACKER audio is closer to the movie audio.
    -Under water counter for remaining oxygen added to hud.
    -FLAMETHROWER prevented from firing under water.
    -Various sound improvements.
    -KNIFE added to starting weapons (except the Colonist, who must find it).
    -PISTOL no longer has infinite ammo.
    -PISTOL can be switched from FULL AUTO to SEMI AUTO for Yutani-Operative and Synthetic classes. 
    -FLAMETHROWER fire rips through multiple enemies.
    -FLAMETHROWER has alternate fire which tosses a fuel canister that can be detonated when shot. It can be picked up again and the fuel added back to your inventory.
    -SHOTGUN now has proper frames when reloading.
    -Player dismounts the POWERLOADER when changing weapons. You can get back in it.
    -Player's view height raises when using the POWERLOADER.
    -FLARES can be thrown at any angle with mouse look and leave behind a burnt out flare when expired.
    -Various sprite improvements.
    -TRACER FIRE speed increased for all weapons.
    -Map 7 now has a timer until exit lift arrives for the Yutani Class.
    -Various other map fixes.



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The newest build of ALIENS: ERADICATION TC with many improvements and additions is here. After testing and tweaking the Eradication mapset, my attention turned to improving gameplay with the Doom/Doom2 iwads and custom maps/pwads.


The original goal of this project was to simply make a set of maps using assets from Kontra Kommando's Aliens: Trilogy/Ultimate Doom mod. While making these maps I would get an idea or two and edit the original Mod to implement the idea. A few ideas turned into dozens and the result is what I present to you today. This latest update focuses mostly on the Total Conversion when playing with the original Doom and Doom2 maps and custom maps that use mostly vanilla assets. The edits made to the mod in order to implement the ideas used in the Eradication mapset kinda broke the balance in these other maps/wads. After many hours of playtesting I am very happy with the game play experience. After testing wads like Scythe, Base Ganymede, Doom and Doom2 the way id did, Lunar catastrophe, and many others (see readme for a comprehensive list of wads that work well with ALIENS: ERADICATION TC) on all difficulty settings, I felt it was time for an update release. Enjoy and Thank you.


Aliens: Eradication TC (New Update) - ModDb


See OP for changes in this update.




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