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DeHacked & Decorate - Random Monsters Replacer by Type

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Posted (edited)

Version 3 - contains many updates. The inventory item count are now remembered throughout maps. Support for Ultimate

Doom was added. The weapon selection map was also updated with some new things.


This now supports DeHacked for the ZDaemon port, as well as Decorate for Gzdoom and Zandronum.

(Tested and working on GZDoom and ZDaemon.)


It will replace monsters of vanilla style maps by type with the cvar 'random_monsters' = 0, and totally random when it's = 1,

with custom enemies, and normal monsters when it's = 2. There is a Weapons and Inventory map (map00) that may be put in

between all other maps in the server maplist.

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vc86m85fktb6cfo/newstuff_addon_v3.zip/file














Weapons map (map00):


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Posted (edited)

Hey, a major update was made for the randomizers, now fully supports all ports as well as Ultimate Doom. Hopefully these scripts may be of some use for modders looking to create a thing randomizer in their wad.

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