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Jaws In Space

Looking for a simple program

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I am looking for a simple program that can turn text into graphics. This program will be used for Perdition's Gate Resurgence. If you aren't familiar with Perdition's Gate instead of featuring map names as CWILV graphics it has story text between each level as seen below.


I have all the individual characters as seen in the white text above. What I am tying to avoid doing is going into paint & copy pasting each character one at a time until I have a few sentences for 32 maps & a BOSSBACK screen. If you are aware of an existing program that I can use or if you are a programmer that can make one, please let me know, thank you.

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I'd say - find a font that looks like what you want (I'd expect that some of the DOOM fonts are already available as TTF), and then you can just use something as simple as Microsoft Paint to type your text over any background you choose.

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