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Posted (edited)


hello everyone and all there is not a long time I did a 1 level wad name cpl Cpl is a 1-level wad for doom 1. It replaces the map E1M1 and has not been renamed. The map plays with (boom, zdoom, GZDoom and zandronum) is not played with chocolate doom (if you did not want the map to crash). I took my time doing it and my heart too. I also improve myself as doing switch and others








Edited by complexDoomer : need screen..

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3 hours ago, complexDoomer said:




Is it normal that that button does not work?

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He probably mapped using ZDoom/GZDoom/Zandronum, which tagging sectors generally isn't needed but will mess up for prBoom and similar ports.

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Posted (edited)

I gave up to complete the map after 9.31 minutes, 72 kills, 50 items and 1 secret.

There are A LOT of bugs. There is at least one switch that doesn't work (the one near the red room with the teleports and the damaging floor) and a lot of doors that I suppose the player should open without finding anything (since they are not marked at all) but that in reality I was not able to open (are them bugged?).


But ok, starting with the visuals:

the map is quite a simple techbase, with just a little bit of detail here and there but nothing more. Using different heights, even in the same room, can help a lot in making your map look nicer.

Also there are some ceilings with a different texture but without a different height, something that is quite always wierd to look at.

I haven't notices texture misalignments and that's a plus.

There is an hall of mirror in the room between the nuke courtyard. The one with the three pillars in them, and also placing the sky texture on a wall is not the way to make that wall looking like the sky (you have to create a sector outside of the window, place the sky as the ceiling and then lower that ceiling to the floor, without texturing the sides).


Monster placement:

there are the monsters, but I have had the impression that they were here only to populate the base. They weren't a threat, they didn't attack me from more then one side and, last but absolutely not least, there weren't ambushes. Really. All the monsters were already visible on the map and that is a rare thing for a doom map


General design:

I opened the map i DB and I still can't figure out how to complete it. I understand what is the idea to reach the exit, but it seems that there is no way to actually enter that room. There is only one door that can be opened in order to push that switch, and in order to open it I have to push another switch that is behind the door itself...

There is another parh to this switch, but the door that unlocks it is simply not a door.

There is no way to open it.

However, there is a good level of interconnection in your map, and a good variety of room's shapes. Most of these rooms, on the other hands, haven't any purpose. They just fill a place in your map. If i complete them then I don't gain nothing. Usually it's better to make a room only if you have in mind a specific function to assign to it (not only because it looks fun. If you want to build it, then use your immagination in order to give it a function. It will improve the quality and variety of your map a lot)


I think that this is quite a dispersive and bugged map, with a lot of technical errors and a strange mobster placement


Edit: I've just noticed that you have placed the sky on the side of the lines in the outdoor demon room (is there a way for them to reach you?) correctly...I don't know why in the green armor room it is bugged

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14 hours ago, Panda said:



Is it normal that that button does not work?

Normally no but I'll settle this thank you for showing it to me

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