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HELL.wad (4 Level Hell themed wad)

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Hey! Another wad upload from me! This wad is harder than my previous wads i uploaded. All levels are hell themed and have many monsters in them, This wad also has pretty good detail compared to my other wads, i HIGHLY recommend using OpenGL!!!


Some screenshots!257058609_bandicam2019-06-1603-19-16-827.jpg.091223e999835108ba734146b7e25455.jpg



Use DOOM2.wad and i recommend using GZDoom for more beauty! Have fun! >> https://www.mediafire.com/file/5f89vqc1ivunxuw/HELL.wad/file <<


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Funny that I actually made a (unfinished) mapset of really short hellish maps using the same night sky... however looks pretty good from the pics!

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I play this at 3:55 into this livestream. Was alright for 3 maps, but then the final map was......urgh. I'm convinced that you normally play Doom with some kind of Brutal/Brutality mod, as it might explain some of the design choices.

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