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High(er) Quality Doom Metal Vol. 4 WAD (Help finding tracks?)

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Hey guys,

First, a bit of context: I found myself unsatisfied with the audio fidelity of the Doom Metal Vol. 4 (much as I like the selection) so I've spent the past month or so locating the original tracks on YouTube and scouring the dark dusty corners of the internet for any HQ direct downloads that may exist. After redownloading, reediting, and recompiling as many of the tracks as I could in higher bitrates, I've been able to find the vast majority of the tracks. However, there are still a few that I am missing, so I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out where to find them?


Primarily, I'm searching for Andrew Hulshult's stuff. While I found most of his covers on YouTube via IDKFA, they seem to be somewhat modified from what was featured in the Doom Metal Vol. 4. Sinister and The Waste Tunnels are two obvious ones, but there's also his cover of the DOOM II Title Screen (at least, I think it's his) which I can't find anywhere. I've tried contacting Andrew himself through his email, but I've yet to get a response.


I've also been looking for the remake of E3M1, which literally seems to just be an edited remake of Mouth for War, but I'm not sure which one.



If anybody has any info on these covers, it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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