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Short Freezes During Demo Playback In glb+

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Posted (edited)

Title. Recording works fine, but whenever I playback a demo, it stutters, freezes for short periods time similar to online lags, any idea what's up with it? They happen in seeminly random times, sometimes once per half a minute, sometimes it goes fine for 2 minutes. Frequency is different each playback. Sound stops completely during lag and stays synchronized throughout playback once it unfreezes. Usual lag takes around 4-5 seconds. Tried in gl+ and, fullscreen and windowed mode, even moving everything from external hard drive to desktop, no changes. Intel Core i7-3630QM 2,40Ghz, 8Gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce GT 650M.

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Posted (edited)

do you have the nvidia "screen recording" application running? i think this sometimes interferes with playback...

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Ive already somewhat solved it meanwhile. Playback works fine in latest version but recording works better in 1.3 for me, so I use one version for demo playback and the older one for playing.

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