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Sound Through Walls?

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Hey guys,


I'm working on a map that includes a monster teleportation area, where a small sector connects the room the player is in to a room full of monsters and a teleporter that allows them to flood into the room the player is in when he fires or punches.

The problem is that if I fire a shot anywhere on the map, even when doors that would otherwise allow sound to pass through the map are closed. I tried making the linedefs Block Sound, that didn't help either. It seems like the monsters in the teleporter room are hearing through the walls? I'm using Doombuilder X, by the way.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Remind yourself that you always need 2 lines set to block sound to actually stop propagation. Also make sure there aren't any joined sectors that make sound skip past your barriers.

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Seems like there are joined sectors around the door which causing this.

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Other users have just said something useful. So to sum it up and add something

- check if a sector that is on one side of the door is linked to a sector that is on the other side of the same door. This sector will function as a bridge for the sound between the two sides of the door, making it useless to block the sound

-check if there are other ways for the sound to pass this door, like windows, secret areas, external courtyards etc, that connects both sides of your map

-check if the teleport sector is linked with a sector in the wrong part of the map. This will eventually allow the monsters to hear you before the correct time

-remember that you need 2 sound blocking lines to block a sound. It seems like a strange thing but if you have a large zone it can be useful to better plan your fights

-consider not to make a small sound propagation sector between the map and the sector were the monsters are placed. You can simply join the monsters sector with another sector of the map (usually the one were the player will be when they will teleport). In this way, a shot in the player's sector will alert the monster due to the same "bridge" of the first point

-also be sure that, for some strange reason, the monster are not able to see you (maybe across the sound propagation sector). This will alert them as well

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