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Delta Touch Mobile Dooming Thread

Mobile (Android) MP Player Head Count  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Are you interested in playing MP/DMs with/against other players who are also using touchscreen controls?

    • Yes; I have Delta Touch, am interested in all types of gameplay, and can presently play
    • Yes; I have Delta Touch, am interested in coop-type gameplay mostly, and can presently play
    • Yes; I have Delta Touch, am interested in dm-style gameplay mostly, and can presently play
    • Yes; interested in the future but not now

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Posted (edited)

Hello folks, with the recent update introducing Zandronum 3.0 to @beloko's Delta Touch app, the prospects of doom multiplayer have been brought to mobile/android devices. This means that we can now enjoy coop, deathmatches, duels, survival, etc with friends and total strangers anywhere now. However, as there is such a disparity between mouse+kb controls and touchscreen controls or even controllers, we can't expect to enter a game and be much other than a hindrance at worst and a target dummy at best to mouse+kb players. I doubt most people will find that to be useful or particularly fun, but on the other hand I would bet that many people would have fun with it if playing with/against other players who are also using touch screen controls. Additionally, for coop/survival sessions it may be best to attempt wads on lower difficulty settings, which would require making new servers with settings you won't otherwise see, so this also applies to players looking to get in on some coop/survival action as well.


That all said, not every doomer has the app or an android device to play it, and there aren't going to be many people who do that are gonna be interested in all likelihood, so for those of us who are it would be good to have a central place to convene, set up matches, pick wads to play, compare our hair against the legendary Romero mane, and find quick matches or coop/survival sessions to jump in for momentary spurts of random boredom. 


I see a lot of potential with this and the accessibility of Doom's mp that this brings to the table in that with this app on your phone, doom mp (coop, survival, dm, lms, duel... megaman 8-bit dm, etc) is always at your fingertips. You can play anywhere: on the john, in bed while ignoring your significant other, at boring meetings while people wonder what you're looking down at, at work getting paid, on break, on a daily commute, on the john again cause nobody bothers me in there, at the hospital when you're supposed to be spending time visiting a loved one, (you terrible person) even at a party or get together as you quietly sit on the couch not socializing like a nerd... the possibilities are endless.


In all seriousness I think this could be both a great way to introduce newcomers to doom's mp/dm and this app's accessibility of doom mp/dm, combined with a good way of finding quick dm matches and coop/surv sessions, will serve well the insta-gratificational nature of mobile games, bringing more activity to the overall mp community.


As such, I'd like to guage Doomers' reactions to this idea, so I've created a poll to see what kind of player numbers (at least among users of this site that happen to see this thread) we can expect to be dealing with. If you have any thoughts or questions on this, including telling me how stupid this idea is or asking why "no" wasn't an option in the poll, (because it's irrelevant) feel free to post below.


@Decay in the Classic Doom Multiplayer discord server made a channel for mobile dooming in response to this, so personally I think Delta Touch users should gather there and use that as our hub for communication, picking wads and setting up servers for coop/survival, and finding/making quick matches.


Delta Touch on the Google Play store.


Check out @Doomkid's https://www.doomshack.org/ for a great place to download most relevant dm wads/mods, plus any wad/pk3 hosted on a doomshack server ;p 


Hope to see y'all in-game; cheers!


Here are a couple videos for those who need help connecting to servers:




Edited by Fonze : wtf spoilers

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Posted (edited)
33 minutes ago, Fonze said:

....compare our hair against the legendary Romero mane

That's a bad ass metaphor right there, js lol 


Nice post too, good way to get Delta Touch/MP/word out there about getting people together. The vids are a very nice touch as well, it helps to have a sense of direction, sometimes people can get overwhelmed too easy with a anything unfamiliar and easily give up. 


I'll definitely be down for a go in the future, I use a Moga Pro controller when I play, despite how intuitive and fluid touchscreen controls are, I can never get the hang of it and am so used to using a controller to play.

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Posted (edited)

BTW if anyone wants a free code for Delta Touch just pm me

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