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a "deluxe edition" of the Master Levels

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Posted (edited)

As for the commercial and official levels, I use this for PrBoom-Plus for my personal enjoyment:




Order of the levels and music picks are basically the @Xaser´s picks as created by this tool. And the CWILVxx and INTERPIC lumps were borrowed from @MadGuy´s mlbls.wad. Unfortunately, I am really bad at choosing a climatic and fitting music piece for the levels and at choosing the most proper order for a succession of loose levels, so I cannot tell anything concerning the extra free levels.

Edited by Diabolución : Silly errata (feeting -> fitting)

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Posted (edited)

Well that Mustaine map has always been a mess on HMP, but tagging the blue key for medium skill would be a minor qol change.


Part of the fun of a collection like this is curation and continuous play, but I've no experience in music collection. I'd love to see what @Xaser and @kmxexii could input on level order and music selection. But yes, these maps are playable pistol start, so I'm glad it's optional. I'd set it off by default myself.


If this is going to require Doom Complete, might I suggest auto loading that IWAD, if dragging and dropping, via GAMEINFO? I mean if UDoom is not included it could be a problem, but I think it might be better.


I don't think Mustaine's Final Doom maps are necessary, but I see no issue with them being included. It's not like his works were part of a bigger collection like Anderson's.


Also what features of MAPINFO are we talking about? I don't recall EMAPINFO having pistol start functionality though. And I don't think EE likes underscores in internal map names. There's something it doesn't like about Doom Complete. It loads Plutonia's MAP01, heh. I think supporting EE would truly require a remake, definitely a unique EMAPINFO. So that's up to someone who loves EE to do. But most of the other Master Levels collections, both commercial and deluxe, are ZDoom family only, so I'm okay with this being so as well.


This is great, and very convenient. I am excited to see this become the standard method of playing through the extended works from the masters.

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On lundi 17 juin 2019 at 8:57 AM, JPL said:

- Lastly, I don't have an official title for this project yet. My first idea was "Master Levels Deluxe Edition", but Chris Klie said he wasn't necessarily comfortable using the phrase "Master Levels", out of possible confusion with the retail product. Kvernmo felt the opposite, that it benefitted from that specific association. I suggested "Works of the Masters".

The Expert Maps

The Monster Levels

Metallica Presents: Iron Maiden Remake 4

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