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Second Wad - Nukage Plant

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Hello everyone. A few months ago, I posted my first wad. Now, I've created a second one. Unfortunately, this time the wad only contains one map. I'm still looking for feedback though, so feel free to tell me what's on your mind.

  • 90% of assets are vanilla (2 custom textures and custom music)
  • Tested in GzDoom and Zandronum
  • Freelook is allowed. Jumping/Crouching is disabled.
  • IWad is Doom 2 Map01
  • Music is Tyrian - Asteroid Dance, Part 1


This map was designed for ultra-violence, but has difficulty settings if needed. However, most of the testing was done on UV. Here's the screenshots.











For those of you that played my first map, tell me if I've improved or not. Always looking for criticism. As always, stay tuned for more maps!


Nukage Plant.zip

Edited by JustACasual : I know why it doesn't work with PrBoom+ now

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4 hours ago, JustACasual said:

If anyone can clear that up with me, let me know.

prboom doesn't support UDMF maps.

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Hi. I completed your map in UV in 16.21 minutes, with 97% kills, 93% items and 0% secrets.


The map was a very, very, very well designed and structured nuke base/hell castle. It was very funny to play this


But starting with the visuals:

the map was really well detailed. Every room, every zone was uniquely decorated, without hollow or underdetailed zones or copypasting of a single decoration. The first stair is a nice touch. 

No texture misalignment and good variety in the environment. Nothing bad to say here.


Thing placement:

the map contains 350 monsters, but they are humans, imps and demons for the vast part so the map is fluent and the action is fast. 

There is a good amount of resources. You can't rush in the middle of the demons horde but you are neither forced to camp behind edges in order to survive. All the weapons are given in the right moment (maybe the RL was a little bit misplaced in that cramped room) and are likely to be used (no usless Plasma rifle, for example)

I found the ambushes to be a little bit predictable. In the PR room, for example, I was expecting it. A large room, a new weapon and a switch...what will happen here if I push it? 

What was highly anticlimatic was the last fight. Cyberdemons, archviles and pain elementals are all present in the last, huge arena. I think that 50% of the total amount of enemies are fighted here...well..."fighted". The central structure is really well designed but it doesn't work for such an encounter. In a slaughter fight you won't the player to be able to circlestrafe around enemies creating a giant infight (and this is what I've done), but your arena spawns all the enemies in the central building, so it's impossible for them to surround you and be a threat. Also cyberdemons+archviles is a dangerous monster combo because the archviles can resurrect the monsters to further infight the cyberdemons, and at the same time the cybers will probably kill the archviles in the general caos, so your big fight is reduced to 3 low health cybers.


General design:

nothing to say also here. It was a quite linear layout (and i prefer it), with every room with a specific function and no boring moments. Nothing breath taking in the architecture but it's an above avarage map design


Overall a really good map, that deserves more attention that what it has gained as of yet. So I personally suggest to play this. Good work

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@JustACasual I like your map - and the visuals are very nice. Especially in the beginning there is a lot action with smaller enemies. I had some trouble in the plasmagun room and the only way I found to survive was to flee and kill them slowly piece by piece afterwards ^^ The two archevile in the rocketlauncher room came unexpected, I am glad I take care of quicksave. The big endfight was much easier for me to handle as the encounters before, because there is more space to dodge. I had much fun with your map :-)

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Looked on the screens with floor textures applied on wall, I instantly determine that it is for G/ZDoom.

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Thank you for playing my level. @Simomarchi I liked the long, detailed explanation of what you liked/didn't like. Perhaps for the end of the level, I'll spread out the teleports so there is less infighting. I didn't even utilize any of the surrounding cliffs. I'll work on coming up with more creative ambushes. Were you really unable to find any secrets? You should try and find at least one!

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Hey @Suitepee I'd like to thank you again for streaming my wad. I enjoying watching through it. My only gripe was that no secrets were found, but that's just a minor negative for me.

Next time I'll be sure to put in the music credits though.

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This is actually really good for a second wad. You're definitely a competent mapper. The slaughter fight at the end wasn't hard at all but I'm honestly fine with that. Too many maps nowadays try to be the hardest map ever. Overall your map provided just the right amount of challenge, and looked good as well.

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