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soner du

ROSS : my little FreeDOOM-based packages

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Posted (edited)

I've (somewhat) completed a little personal project : ready-to-play packages containing open-source data (FreeDOOM) and software (Chocolate DOOM), and a selection of classic WADs.

Those packages are less than 32MB (unzipped) and include a simple GUI, basically an exe which launches a .BAT menu.


URL https://sites.google.com/view/ultimate-ross/accueil


Both packages include :

  • Chocolate Doom
  • Random WAD generation thanks to SLIGE + ZenNode


First package, "ROSS : ultimate revelation", include :

  • Freedoom1 data + SLIGE maps
  • Two full megaWADs Switcheroom and Eternal Torture
  • Two shorter WADs : Crusades and UAC_DEAD


Second package, "ROSS : inferno earth", include :

  • FreeDOOM2 data + SLIGE maps
  • Two full megaWAD : DemonFear and Zone 300
  • Two shorter WADs : Null Space and Nostromo's Run

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Posted (edited)

Self-Asked Questions :


Why have I done that ?

- Just because I wanted to spread love for (Free)DOOM all over the planet, and like to have a minimal (Free)DOOM on my USB key.


Why this choice of WADs ?

- Well, because I wanted vanilla and small-size (arbitrarily under 32 MB) stuff, and I actually love the WADs I've chosen.


Will the 2 packages change over time ?

- Yes, I'll probably follow the next ChocoDOOM and FreeDOOM versions. Maybe change the PWADs someday, or include some little cool tools (like adding The Populator into the random WAD generation process). Maybe update the IWAD when I'm skilled (intermission screens, title screen...).


Will there be other packages ?

- Probably not.

Edited by soner du

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1 hour ago, cambreaKer said:

why use slige, when you can use oblige?


Oblige does not create Vanilla WADs.

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I think it's a nice idea to have a library of PWADs to be played with Freed∞m, especially if those have themes that fit well with Freed∞m's art.

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I play most PWADs with FreeDOOM and everything looks good ;)


Except in UAC_DEAD, the evil(ish) mega-corporation seems to hesitate between two names : UAC or AGM ?

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A while ago I played a number of PWADs with Freed∞m and I was somewhat not quite comfortable if there was edited art from the original Doom but maybe it's just me. Perhaps I just wanted levels with different theme that would be more about aliens than infernal dimensions.


Anyway, I do believe that PWADs that focus on a more sci-fi theme, or generally themes that are different from Doom's default texture packs, are more interesting to play with Freed∞m.

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