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Eternal year one DLC ideas!

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Posted (edited)

Yep, I'm gonna be that guy and toss around DLC ideas that I hope can appear in the two expansions! I know ID already has a set plan story-wise, but these can potentially fit in regardless!


- slippery ice surfaces that may affect your dash ability (Heretic-esque friction while walking, can only dash in-air), underwater currents / pushpads, and low-gravity situations.

- even more environments (of course), such as suburbs / forest / jungle areas on Earth, or evne a massive, living gore-nest of a planet ('skin-hell' is a Doom thing, after all.)

- story beats like Hell producing their own superweapon, or a faction that betrayed Heaven (good or bad, depends on ETERNAl'S story), or even a *3RD* supernatural faction.

- more decorations that reflect story / situation... imagine a 'blood factory' with Arachnotron chassis being produced, or Carcass demon / Revenant attachments strewn about.

- more 'specter' variants of creatures. Imagine an ambush of specter zombies, or a 'Shadow Clan' of specter barons! Pure awesome!

- more zombie variants, on that note. Imagine a reddish-colored 'true' plasma zombie who fires continuous GREEN plasma.

- more demons generally, like an adaptation of the Bruiser from Doom ROE... or a 'Hierophant' aka the Helltime hunter from RoE. A new caco-creature, too....



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Posted (edited)

NOt sure if having Realm667 monsters being made for the new Doom is a good idea.  But I do like seeing multiple variant types with the exception of the Spectres.  Killing partially invisible blobs is boring and goes against the new destructible demon system.

As for campaign stuff - if it isn't going to be the Doomslayer than perhaps we can play as the Doomguy?  Assuming they are NOT the same person,  how about a revisit of Classic Doom?


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Abstract jungle realm expansion that pays homage to Plutonia.

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Hire the best Doomworld mappers to be in charge of the Blockout-Level Design phase and call it Memento Mori, in honor of the first Megawad.

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When it comes to DLC single player expansions, there's probably some things they could do with it.


* Make Crash and Phobos into Doom characters, probably protagonists of the expansions.

* Some levels based off Tei Tenga.

* Plutonia/TNT based stuff. (maybe a level taking place in a corrupted flesh space ship from TNT's story)

* Doom 64 based stuff.

* Unused ideas being used. (Doom bible or any other cut content from the series)

* Maybe some stuff from the mobile RPG games, 2016's multiplayer or even Resurrection of Evil.

* Newer types of guns and demons.

* Some nod to other games, like Heretic/Hexen or even Strife.

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On 6/18/2019 at 11:34 PM, whatup876 said:

Doom 64 based stuff.

Hugo Martin has gone on record to say he's a big D64 fan, so who knows? The Nightmare-class enemies always gave off a mission-pack kind of vibe to me, but my jaw would drop if the Motherdemon showed up.



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If they ever bring back Mother Demon, i hope her design still has the weird back, that looks like her guts and spine coming out of her.

It's that kind of detail that is hard to see in game unless you're lucky or just rip the game's sprites just to see it.


Speaking of Kronos.


Kronos maybe.png

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Posted (edited)

I would LOVE to see a DLC made by Arkane. In fact, I wish all Bethesda games would have DLCs made by different Bethesda companies. How about a Wolfenstein DLC made by Id? 


Ideally, each game would have 3 DLCs and one of them would be made by a different company.

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