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the hood guy from Eternal wallpaper

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Someone from redit find this.From the Eternal wallpaper


So this "thing" is still around.Just want it u to see it. :)  ...hes quite Hexen haha.



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...What if Doomslayer's buddy is D'Sparil? What does that mean? Doomslayer is in league with the Serpentriders? A very un-Doom-y political question forms. Earth or Parthoris? Does the Doomslayer's loyalty lie with all innocent life, or just with Earth? Does this mean Doomslayer and Corvus are enemies? Did D'Sparil trick the Doomslayer?


I dunno, Doomslayer's ally looking like D'Sparil and the Night Sentinels looking like the Knights from Q1 really make me wonder just how much they'll stay allies.

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