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How do i make pistolstart at map02 ? (gzdoom udmf)

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Not a clean answer but here's a way to do it that doesn't involve map properties:


Have the player die on exit. Then, he will pistol start MAP02.

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31 minutes ago, Finnthemapmaker said:

Thanks but this may be dumb to ask , but where should i write those commands ?


Using a tool such as SLADE you can manage the contents of a WAD. In your wad you'd need to create a MAPINFO lump, which is where you'd enter the properties listed by Liberation.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Finnthemapmaker said:

nvm i give up :/


I'll try to help you with the knowledge I've gained with the course of those 2? 3? months, which may not sound as much but I'll try.


There are three different ways to make your player start from zero again, which I used on my WAD's MAP01 on a different way (So instead of pistol, fist only heh.)


First, there is placing a Death Exit on your Map.

As you can see on the first picture below (Because Idk how to place them right here), there is a badly-made exit, but look at the "Sector Damage", That's Exit-type and (technically) should exit the level once you take enough damage (IIRC, 0% - 10%).


Secondly, there is the use of ACS (Action Code Script) on your map, this is easy to make and well, I'll just tell you how to make it quick.


#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 enter

GiveInventory("Fist", 1);
GiveInventory("Pistol", 1);
TakeInventory("Clip", 400);
GiveInventory("Clip", 50);


The first line always goes at the beginning of a Script thingie that uses ZDoom ACS (Or at least As far as I know).

The "Script 1 Enter" means this Script will activate once you enter the level for first time.

ClearInventory is self-explanatory, it will take everything on your current Inventory, while the rest of the code will give the player what you tell the script to.


The third way is through MAPINFO.

Look at it on the second (Or first, cus I'm editing this message) picture below.


Look at the second section, with the "Techbase" thing and all.

That's a MAPINFO, and that specifically it's the Map Definition, you can copy it but with your own stuff obviously.

What you'd have to do is write down in any part of the Map Definition (Preferably do it in the bottom, after Music or something)



Without the " " though. (Or Idk if they go there lol.)



And lastly, I seen you don't know how to use SLADE? That's comprehensible, I still have problems with it, so I will tell you.

Download SLADE3 > Drag and Drop the WAD you are editing on Doom Builder/GZDoom Builder Bugfix into SLADE, and click on it.

It may be empty or have a few things (Like your MAP01 or something), but there may be no MAPINFO.


How to make a MAPINFO then?

Go to Archive/New, New Entry and type "MAPINFO" when it prompts for a name, you will create a new thing, possibly a Marker.

Go to the new Archive you made and in Text Language scroll until you find ZDoom MAPINFO, select that and you can start making your stuff.


End, I hope I helped you!

...Really I hope because I don't know more options heh :p



Captura de pantalla (5156).png

Captura de pantalla (5157).png

Edited by Archanhell : Accidentally posted it, thanks Enter.

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