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Doom: Super Golden Souls

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Hi guys. I am working on an addon for the original Golden Souls as a massive labour of love for the Golden Souls series and of course, to celebrate the fact that there will be a Golden Souls 3.


I brought a couple of features from Golden Souls 2 into Golden Souls 1. Mainly the score feature as it's pretty much becoming a trademark of Batandy's mods. And also the big coin counter so you can easily track how many big coins are left in a level.


Introducing another feature, an air meter, yes, now you can keep track of how much air you have left, and as a neat bonus for it, it'll only activate when you're underwater.


The shop system is minorly changed as you now can by seperate ammo instead of having to buy the whole set, but I kept the original ammo purchase as it seemed quite fitting to buy the lot for a bit of a discount. :D


And now as for the levels...

Some levels have been tweaked slightly as to make it slightly less frustrating. And some levels even have big coins added to them, as if you want to get 100%, you'll have to find them all! And some of the requirements to access some levels have been changed slightly.


As for a real interesting feature, the garden part of the mansion now has a couple of levels fo you to tackle! Made by myself and tested by both myself and Batandy.





I aimed to make the addon have the same spirit that the original Golden Souls had.


Still want the original flavour of GS1? Well this mod is intended to be loaded with Golden Souls so it's an optional addon.


Golden Souls 1.4 is required.






Fixed a minor bug where the 100% star shows up upon starting the mod on the fullscreen HUD due to an oversight.

Edited by Salahmander2

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Thanks Salahmander2! This looks great, can't wait to try the new Garden maps:)

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