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lulzworthy drama bs

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Is this really where people want to be

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That's a disingenuous take for three reasons:

1. the perpetrator was promptly warned after the event and hasn't done any such thing since;

2. the victim has since rejoined the server and is cool with us now;

3. the so-called "sexual cat" talk, while still weird as all hell, was evidently an one-off tongue-in-cheek conversation, and if anything serious was actually going on, Discord and YouTube staff would've been immediately notified of the fact. The involved parties were still warned to drop the subject anyway though, which they did.


It is quite easy to single out one instance of harassment in a server and call an entire community out on being an inhospitable place, while also completely ignoring the staff's reactions to cases like these. So trivial, in fact, that I could have a field day doing the same thing you just did when it comes to other servers actually listed in the OP, but I have better uses of my time than taking potshots of cheeky slander at communities I don't like.


We're committed to keeping our server free of harassment and objectionable content just as much as, if not more than other high-profile Doom Discord servers, and your post is a flimsy attempt at proving the contrary. But of course, if you find any honest feedback to give, we're listening!

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