Here Made for Gzdoom , Doom 2 Udmf format. Crouch,jump and freelock must be use. Map01 is long Map02 is short (Also custom stuff is used) Here is a tip-Don't rush rooms Here are pictures Aboout the maps-Map01 is actually my second map but Map02 is my first Have fun playing i guess :/  Also map02 was supposed to have a force pistol start but idk how to doit , plus no one was really helpful.So if you would be nice to reload map02 once you get there. Here is the endtext story idk how to put in-game (it was supposed to show after map02)    "You enter the elevator thinking of everything that has happend today , It WAS your normal work day at outpost Venera when out of no where communications where cut off and rushed with your squad to see why there were screams .Only to see A legion of red buff creatures killing and smashing women and children on the floor and celling , in a few seconds gun fire wes started and one by one your fellow marines falled to the ground by some green blasts , then they all turned to you .They Started to scream and sprint towards you. As fast as your little buff marine legs could go , you enter the room from witch you and your long gone marines came and lock it .So what do you do? You set the UAC landmines on the timer option , and the 4 minutes timer started ticking and ticking .Good thing there were deactivated mines and a barely working teleport .Too bad that the door could only stand about 4 minutes before they break it with brute power.You could even hear one headbump the metalic door.Now it's takes for a barely working UAC teleport 3 minutes to actually teleport you. And it can teleport only small objects. Good thing you never leave your Kicthen gun Tho! Now there a few bad things that can happend while being teleporter.Not get teleporter at all ,or get teleported to space or to a black hole and become  cosmic dust , or be teleporter without parts of your body . Or being teleporter into the B A C K R O O M S . Witch was a rumor starter by lt.John too bad he ain't here now tho. You could still hear the fallen screams of your fellow once alive friends. And you still remember the horrors you saw in base nevana but bofore you started thinking about your son , you hear the elevator beep noise and door opening followed by roars."   Credits: THANKS to LazyGamer- His youtube Kvee-Great music , his website CaptainToenail-The very useful palmtress- Arvydas Brazdeikis-The great Diabolus Ex texture his youutube- texture Scotty-His very useful to me great looking texture Shinny new water-By Doom 2 Remap where i found the water (it's a pk file) his channel Croteam- The weapon sounds and also music , and also inspiration for the design of the map Here is their site The sounds are from the game Serious Sam withc is a fantastic Horde single player shooter. I advice to buy one of the games (second or first encounter if they are on sale) Agaures (aka Krumzy)- black and green texture pack . it can be found on FuzzballFox- the extra lites texture pack that is also at