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Depths 2: I Have No Fancy Subtitle To Give To It (Demo available)

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DEMO DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s42wbul32bws5gs/depths2demo1.wad/file


So, to quell the years' or so silence since I last uploaded a map, here's the announcement, and simultaneous 6-and-a-bit level demo release, of my new project, which is a sequel to my last work that most of you will likely have forgotten.


So, without further ado, here's the gist:

Depths 2 is an 18 (and a bit, as I previously stated) map megaWAD (though only just) by me, Novaseer, using the UDMF map format... that's about it, really.

The 18 levels are separated into 3 "episodes", independent of the original Doom 2 map set, each with their own secret level - though they're separated the same way as Doom 2's episodes are - that is, only through theme and text screens.

The secret level in Episode 1 also has a secret level of its own, though I don't think it even counts at this point because there's no enemies in it and you can exit in five seconds.


All maps are designed for singleplayer but have co-op compatibility. Deathmatch is not supported.


Episode 1 takes place on a ravaged Earth, complete with wastelands filled with toxic sludge and dark, abandoned tech bases.

Episode 2 sees a return to the bases on Phobos, with new segments of the facility and some redesigned classics. Unlike when you were here first, however, demons are practically growing off of the walls. It's not a walk in the park like KDitD is, and harder than Episode 1, yet easier than Episode 3.

In Episode 3 you return to Hell to try and stop the Hellish invasion... I know, how original. Yeah, probably the same shit as usual, we've all played Hell maps before.


Each secret level is unrelenting in difficulty (and does not adapt with difficulty choice unlike the rest of the set). Episode 3's secret in particular is particularly devilish. Each secret level has a particularly useful reward - SECMAP01/04 grant the first BFGs of the game, for instance.


Specific map information is in the spoiler below. Monster counts are separated into ITYTD+HNTR / HMP / UV+NM where applicable. If the par time is [REDACTED], I've probably not finished that level yet. If the name itself is, I probably haven't even started.


YMAP01: Endless Wastes

  • Monsters: 33/47/79
  • Secrets: 2
  • Par time: 1:00

YMAP02: Hunker Down

  • Monsters: 59/121/185
  • Secrets: 4
  • Par time: 7:00

YMAP03: Shattered (exit to SECMAP01)

  • Monsters: 97/185/273
  • Secrets: 3
  • Par time: 8:00

YMAP04: Illusions

  • Monsters: 91/170/247
  • Secrets: 5
  • Par time: 7:30

YMAP05: The Starport

  • Monsters: 165/320/459
  • Secrets: 4
  • Par time: 12:00

YMAP06: Touchdown In Five

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: 4:30

YMAP07: Lockdown Matrix

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: 7:00

YMAP08: Fetch!

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: 6:00

YMAP09: The Heart of the Machine (exit to SECMAP02)

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: 12:30

YMAP10: Not How I Remember It

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: 14:00

YMAP11: Quadrilogy (exit to SECMAP03)

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: 3
  • Par time: 5:30

YMAP12: The Heavens Boil

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: [REDACTED]


  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: [REDACTED]


  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: [REDACTED]


  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: [REDACTED]

SECMAP01: Everything's Fine (exit to SECMAP04)

  • Monsters: 174 (+1 spawn shooter)
  • Secrets: 2
  • Par time: 5:00

SECMAP02: Flesh and Metal

  • Monsters: [REDACTED]
  • Secrets: [REDACTED]
  • Par time: [REDACTED]

SECMAP03: The Crucible of Fractured Horizons

  • Monsters: A LOT (2,920 to be exact)
  • Secrets: 2
  • Par time: 25:00

SECMAP04: You've Earned It

  • Monsters: 0
  • Secrets: 1
  • Par time: 0:05


Now, unlike in Depths 1 where all I did to expand the roster was make a few DECORATE edits to Cyberdemons, we have a few new monsters and other things worthy of a mention. Information is in the spoiler to condense the page a bit.




The Demon-Whisperer is not too dissimilar to its Arch-Vile cousins, as a pyromancer that can resurrect fallen demons, though there are a few important distinctions. Firstly, the Demon-Whisperer, instead of directly immolating its target, summons a slow but heavily damaging wave of fireballs as its attack. Secondly, the Demon-Whisperer is faster and more fragile, though it is resistant to explosive attacks as to not harm itself. Due to these differences, the Demon-Whisperers are less of a threat at range, but are dangerous up close.

It cannot infight with Arch-Viles.

ID: DemonWhisperer




Unfortunately, it so happens that you are not the only being able to harness the power of the Soul Spheres. These undead marines can too, and combined with their powerful plasma rifles, they have a powerful presence and are a high priority to kill at all times, as their plasma attacks will very quickly drain your health. Do be cautious, though, as their high health in comparison to other former humans means they can sometimes withstand a rocket or Super Shotgun blast.

It can infight with other former humans, but not other Megatroopers.

ID: MegaTrooper



(no unique sprite yet, not in the demo anyway)

These Cyberdemons are a little tougher than their kin, and instead of firing consistent barrages of rockets, they will lock on for a few moments, then quickly fire a burst of slower rockets that home in to their targets. With good cover and room to maneuver, these beasts do not pose much of a challenge. However, if you forget about them and their rockets catch up, you'll be gibbed before you know it. Two of these beasts serve as the boss battle for Episode 2. Not in the demo.

It cannot infight with standard Cyberdemons.

ID: HomingCybie




The final boss from Depths 1 has returned as a recurring enemy, particularly in Episode 3 (though it makes cameo appearances in Episode 2 on higher difficulties). These colossal demons can tank substantial amounts of damage (though not as much as the boss variants seen in Depths 1) and throws cones of deadly fireballs with ferocious speed. Not in the demo.

Despite its appearance, it is not related to Hell Nobles and can infight with them.

ID: Titan




Though not an enemy, it's important to remember these things. They're immobile and harmless, but when destroyed they can affect the level. Whenever you spot a Blood-Lamp, shoot it, and it'll fall apart after two to three rockets or other weapons' equivalent. When destroyed, they can open up secret areas or affect level progression.

ID: TechLampKILL


Other significant information:

  • Monsters spawned by spawn shooters do not count in the final kills tally.
  • Lost Souls do not at all count in the final kills tally.
  • Arachnotrons and Spider Masterminds have a smaller radius than usual.
  • In YMAP08 exclusively, there is an immobile Pain Elemental variant that fires a bit slower. I don't have a proper name for it so I'm not including it in the above list.


What's that? You're sick of me talking and want screenshots? *sigh* Fine.

DISCLAIMER: I took these using notarget so I could better show off the level and not what a Mancubus fireball looks like. Consequently, I had to noclip past a few monsters so I could get through. All of these areas are present in the demo, I'm not going to EA you.


































And, of course, credit where credit is due:

  • Episode 1 sky is the vanilla Doom 2 sky. It just fits so well in my opinion.
  • Episodes 2 and 3 use skies created by elend. They gave permission on the post in which they shared them.
  • Several stone brick textures were made by (or modified from textures made by) James Paddock.
  • YMAP01 music is "Ultimatum" by DAR, turned into MIDI by himself.
  • YMAP02 music is a MIDI version of "Harbinger" from the Doom 2016 soundtrack (can't remember who made it, though - I should probably write shit like that down)
  • YMAP03 and YMAP04 use music made by Eris Falling (with permission via YouTube comments)
  • YMAP05 uses a modified version of "Into The Beast's Belly" from TNT: Evilution made by James Paddock.
  • A lot of techbase textures and flats used in YMAP09 (and maybe some other maps, can't remember, but they are in the demo to stay on the safe side) were made by Fuzzball.
  • The map set makes considerable use of the Nightmare and Cage texture packs from the Realm667 site.
  • Three textures mostly present in Episode 2 are modified versions of one of the Cage textures.
  • Though not in the demo, the Titan is a heavily modified Bruiser Demon, also from the Realm667 site.



  • In terms of difficulty, the WAD is a fair bit harder than Depths 1, probably about Plutonia equivalent in most cases. The secret levels are much more difficult, though.
  • Freelook is recommended, but not required. All level progression is possible without.
  • Jump and crouch are disabled in all levels. Re-enabling them is not recommended as it can harm level progression.
  • Difficulty settings are implemented on all non-secret levels.
  • All levels are completeable from a pistol start and are made with pistol starts in mind.
  • Don't worry, text screens will be in the full version. I've excluded them for the demo.
  • The full version will contain a new weapon, so it may be incompatible with some gameplay mods. I'll release a compatibility version alongside the full version to remove the weapon (it's only found in one level) to make things easier. It'll still need (G)ZDoom to run though.
  • Tested using GZDoom version g3.4.1. Your sourceport may have some incompatibilities.
  • The levels are, like with Depths 1, packaged as a separate episode to Hell on Earth. Don't go to Entryway by mistake.
  • Keep checking this thread for further updates on development. 


Edited by Novaseer : Added extra gameplay info.

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Just finished YMAP11. Quite an oddball layout, but it's fun if I may say so myself. Some screenshots below:













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