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Missing string (unexpected end of file)

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Everytime i start gzdoom with my mod it crashes and says this:

Script error, "MAP01.wad:DECORATE" line 10:
Missing string (unexpected end of file).

Code:Actor Floppydisks : CustomInventory 16000
    //$Category ITEMS
    //$Sprite FLOPPYDI
    //$Title "Floppy Disk"
    Inventory.PickupMessage "A Floppy Disk with some shitty games and viruses!"
    Inventory.PickupSound "misc/p_pkup"
    Inventory.MaxAmount 10000

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There's two ending curly brackets, but there's only one opening curly bracket? That might be the issue...? I have a feeling you're not showing all of the code, since I can't see any of the actor's states either...

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Remove the second to last curly bracket and you should be fine.

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