I'll take sick at its 90's variation of meaning 'rad'... lol. and that guy should have prepared to be... 'beaten'.. xD

      Thanks! I don't recommend trying it without a lot of experience playing a single port/game. There were some parts where one mishap could have cost more then 10 minutes at a time just 4 or 5 months ago. A lot of time was spent routing to ensure all back ups were accounted for in the attempt, every levels failing possibility.

Hardcore indeed, thanks! Just finding new ways to challenge myself with this particular version has been a journey in itself. I rested up for a few days after, but haven't been able to push over 15 hours of being awake after the attempt... so I guess my days of staying up for many hours at a time are over, thanks to this insanity of a speedrun.

    Thank you, maybe someday I'll be back to attempt this in 32X or even... PC?!? (That last part is sarcasm)

Sega 32X is possible in just under 12 minutes, even on runs without out of bounds. The full game only has 16 levels, and can be reset in a matter of 20 second intervals. The big problem would be having to hold the run/strafe buttons for so long. In regular sessions, after only an hour or 2, your thumb can cramp up really bad even in a play session after many months from your previous attempt.

PC 100 times in 1 day is probably not possible, considering the best times for a full run on ITYTD are 13:30-13:50 range respectively. Playing under 14 minutes everytime would be required, perfect E2M6, E2M7 every attempt, Good E3 key grabs... you would truly have to be a Master to accomplish that task.

Under 14:24 for every single attempt would be required to complete PC 100 times in a single 24 hour period, with no breaks... MADNESS!
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