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Quick Monster Firing/ attack


Ok doomworld, I'm looking to improve the firing ratio of my monsters. Currently they fire at normal speed but I'd like them to fire at a quicker speed. I've tried to edit the decorate but I cant pinpoint which field to edit. Less walking more firing in other words. Anybody out there got any tips?

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You can add the flags



in your decorate script, right under the code that defines the statistics (health, radius, height...). I don't think that I need to explain what is the purpose of the flags. However, you can add both of them at the same time to basically force your monster to always fire a projectile if he is seeing you (so for example a cyberdemon will fire 3 rockets, walk for one frame and then fire other 3 rockets)

You can also add to the previous flags a third parameter:


that modifies the chance of a monster to fire something. The lower the value, the higher the chance to shoot.


So an example follows:


actor xxxxx 10000

{         Health 10

          Radius 10

          Height 10

          Speed 10

          PainChance 10

          Mass 1000




          MinMissileChance 20

         [Rest of the code]



You simply have to modify the parameters that you want, and to add the States code, but if you have downloaded a custom monster you only have to add the flags in the place showed by the example.


This monster has a very high probability to fire at you if he see you, and will stop for a very short moment between his attacks.


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