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Zscript HUD Font


Hey, I've been trying to create my own HUD with my own fonts but of course I am running into trouble. I am following along with how the DoomStatusBar class added it's own fonts in it's Init() function but I keep getting a "expression must be a modifiable value" error.


Here is my code.


class TheLastIconHUD : BaseStatusBar
    HUDFont visor;
    HUDFont damageEffects;

    override void Init()
        SetSize(0, 1920, 1080);
        Font fnt = "TESTFONT";
        visor = HUDFont.Create(fnt, fnt.GetCharWidth("0"), Mono_CellLeft, 1, 1);
        fnt = "DAZEFONT";
        damageEffects = HUDFont.Create(fnt);
    override void Draw(int state, double TicFrac)
        super.Draw(state, TicFrac);
        DrawImage("hud0", (0, 0), DI_ITEM_OFFSETS);


What exactly am I doing wrong?

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Update: Found the problem. I had to add the updated version into the ZScript file "version '4.1.2'". I know, I'm a version behind but I'm working on it.

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