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Monster Closet Facility (My First Doom Level)

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Hiya! I've finally created my first doom map after about a month of work (not every day, more like an on and off basis) and I was going for a difficulty type that would appear towards the final few levels of a campaign, but it's playable from a pistol start. I think this would be categorized as a slaughtermap, with mild running and gunning elements in it as well. It takes about 10 minutes or so to finish when I did it, but it might take a shorter time depending on how fast you go through everything.


I'd say my monster placement is mediocre at times, as I'm inexperienced with monster placement in general, hence the title of this map. I tried creating an outdoors area, but it doesn't feel so outdoors-y in my opinion. Otherwise, I hope that these setbacks don't affect the gameplay feel. I made the custom weapons myself, but I had to get some of the sprites from elsewhere and edit them. If you're the owner of these sprites, just tell me so I can give credit. The custom items, however, are mostly original sprites, and the rest is from Realm667.


I hope you enjoy playing my first map!




PORTS: ZDoom , GZDoom (Tested in both, made for ZDoom)

LENGTH: Single Level, takes about 10 minutes. Starts on MAP01

FREELOOK: Gets a bit tricky to aim with only a keyboard at times, but not required
JUMPING: Required to get to certain secrets, but can be completed without jumping
CROUCHING: Not required

IWAD: DOOM2.wad (starts on MAP01)

DIFFICULTIES: Not Implemented, but I'd say that it's somewhere in between Ultra-Violence and Hurt Me Plenty.

CUSTOM CONTENT: Contains 4 Custom Weapons, 4 Custom items, and Custom Music

CO-OP: I doubt people would play it together, but I implemented coop for up to 8 players anyways.






    - Akimbo Pistols

        Normal fire makes the pistols fire in an alternating pattern

        Alt-fire makes both pistols fire at the same time at a slower rate


    - Triple Barrel Shotgun

        Fires three shells at a time, with a significantly stronger blast, but slower reload than the SSG.


    - Hyper Chaingun

        Fires at twice the speed of the normal chaingun, effectively a straight upgrade

        Alt-fire begins a short wind-up time, then fires the chaingun at an incredibly fast rate, pushing the player back a bit




    - Large Health Bonus

        I'll be honest with this one, I just didn't want to place 5 individual health bonuses every time, so I made a health bonus that heals 5 health points instead.


    - Rage Sphere

        Makes all weapons fire at twice the speed for a limited amount of time


    - Gigasphere

        Grants the user 300 HP and 300 Armour, but the inability to heal or pick up armour until the value has been reduced to below 200 for both.




    - It's a MIDI of "Invaders" by Iron Maiden, but edited to fit the feel of a map a bit more. I forgot the source of the original MIDI, but I do not own it.





Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QaRB1QQ_2F1qYGoFsDa_WaqE3J_mJcZe/view?usp=sharing


Again, I hope you enjoy my first Doom level. Feedback is appreciated!

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The wad is actually really good!
The new weapons are really good, but the TRIPLE BARREL SHOTGUN is gamechanging! I have to give you an extra point for the triple barrel shotgun!
The map is challenging.  It is a bit unfair in some parts but the map is great anyways!
For a "First WAD" this is absolutely great!

Overall, you should try the map!



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Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, I thought a couple parts were leaning towards the slightly unfair side, but It's because I thought the triple barrel shotgun was a bit overpowered and I had to up the enemy count onwards from that area to compensate. I'm glad you liked the map!

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