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Doom Factory

Doom Itemless Challenge!

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I have made a little challenge inspired by the coinless mario trend. Im doing a video on it and would like help from you guys in the form of videos or demos.

The rules are as follows:


1. No items (Duh)
2. Get as many kills and secrets as possible
3. Play on Ultra Violence

4. Pistol starts (This one is preferred but not required)
5: No mods other then the one attached (Credit to Jadwick from the doom discord server)

The end goal of this is to see how many levels can be completed itemless. For my video's im gonna be focusing on the Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 but i may do more. This thread isnt only for my videos either. It would be cool to see famous wads completed itemless!


Edit: Forgot to mention. Only items that increase the in game item counter count.


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When you say "itemless", do you mean only pickups that count towards the Item % on the end-screen, or all pickups entirely?

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1 minute ago, Bauul said:

When you say "itemless", do you mean only pickups that count towards the Item % on the end-screen, or all pickups entirely?

I forgot to mention that. Only items on the item% count. (ie. Bonuses, soulspheres, megaspheres and rad suits. and whatever else counts)

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3 hours ago, UNERXAi said:

The bottles before e1m4's exit door come to mind. Can one really avoid them?

You cant avoid those unless some trick is found (A trick likely wont be) in a case where an item cant be avoided try to get every monster and secret then just skip the map if you can (ie nextmap in the console of zdoom)

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So most levels are either trivial to beat by simply walking around all the items or they are impossible due to items (usually health or armor bonuses) blocking your path. There are however a few levels that are impossible normally but beatable using tricks. I did my best tally of all of the impossible ones and the tricky ones. Someone else would have to check the E4 maps, as I was not familiar enough with them to plan anything. I might consider doing some demos, but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you.





E1M3: Impossible due to bonuses in exit room and bonuses blocking access to secret exit.

E1M4: Impossible due to bonuses in front of exit room.

E1M5: Impossible due to bonuses blocking stairway from blue key room.

E1M7: Impossible due to bonuses blocking blue key.

Map04: Impossible due to bonuses surrounding blue key

Map09: Impossible due to a line of bonuses in the room with three skull switches

Map17: Probably impossible due to a bunch of pickups on the walkways. It might be possible by walking along the edge, but I couldn't do it.

Map18: Impossible due to a fuckton of health pickups in the blue key room.

Map21: Impossible due to health pickups surrounding you at the start.

Map26: Impossible due to health bonuses blocking a required switch.

Map29: Impossible due to bonuses blocking your path.


Possible with tricks:

E1M9: Armor bonuses block the elevator after you pull the switch to raise the exit, made trivial by straferunning over the gap.

E2M6: Intended route is impossible due to bonuses blocking yellow key segment, void glide exit is trivial.

Map11 intended route is impossible, but becomes trivial if you hit the switch from below.

Map15 intended route is impossible due to an unavoidable blur sphere, other routes are trivial.



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If you wanna try a serious no item run, and don't mind using GZDoom, this .pk3 I wrote will remove all items that count for item %. Will take care of any forced pickup problems. I'd be curious to see if Doom is really that much harder without items.


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