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USQC Wednesday night Deathmatch #9 Crucified Dreams 6/26/19 8PM CST.

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Hey guys hope everyone is having a great week so far we just crossed the two month mark on these weekly DM events and this is something I want to continue for years. Last week was DWANGO50 and it was a blast I know you guys felt the same way. This week one of my good friends has requested to play Crucified Dreams (crudreams) so that is what we will be on some visually stunning maps the event will begin at 8PM CST on Zandronum search for [USQC] Classic DM in doomseeker or IDE. Here is a link to our discord if you want to play Doom and Quake with us and be in on the ground floor of the latest happenings. https://discord.gg/z8VxVs8

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