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Can I create an on-screen message using DB2 / Slade / Doom 2 format?


Let's say I want a message like "A secret is revealed" appear after the player crosses a line. Let's say it says just "MESSAGE" and shows up just once, the first time the line is crossed. How do I do that? Is this even possible when using a Doom 2 map format? I imagine some scripting would be involved, but I am too simple and inexperience to create such a script. Could you help me?

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As far as I know there is no way to make a message appear on-screen if you are not using UDMF or doom-in-hexen format.

You have to use an ACS script, with the "print" or the "hudmessage" statement, and in order to use ACS your map has to be built in one of the aforementioned formats.

However I'm not totally sure about this, maybe there is an hack that can solve your problem

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I think I'll work around it then, make a texture with the message appear and then you walk two more steps and its flat gets moved to the ceiling.

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