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Need Help with Rapid Fire Pickup (Jazz Jackrabbit Doom Mod)

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I need your help with a DECORATE code.


As you all have seen, I posted a beta version of Jazz Jackrabbit Doom TC on the Doomworld Wads Forum.


I need a DECORATE code to where the player picks up the main weapon (LFG2000), which fires faster as you pick up this specific Thing as you go through the levels.


Can anyone give me advice? Thank you!

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You could spoof this with inventory flags. This should give more insight into how it could be achieved. Instead of setting the variable to have the scope zoom, you could try having the variable check for if the player has picked up the powerup of some sort, and then activating the faster firing mode.


I can't really provide a decorate example, but the general idea goes like this:

    - Player picks up main weapon

    - Main weapon is default fire rate

    - Player picks up the powerup which gives the flag for faster fire rate to inventory

    - Check for if the player has picked up the specific Thing which increases fire rate

        - If so, set a code jump to a separate batch of code with the faster fire rate

        - If not, leave it be


I hope this helped at least a little bit.

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Posted (edited)

you could do something similar to the sigil in strife (You pick up pieces through the game to make the weapon more powerful iirc, more powerful meaning a different fire state)


Not sure how though

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On 6/30/2019 at 3:55 AM, AlanjWeh89 said:

@unpleasantmarine @Valgilton


So I may have come across something that may work... I'm planning on fiddling with it this week.




Y'all think this will work?

That's pretty much what Valgilton suggested. You can use custom inventory items to do a check in Decorate, then jump to a certain state where the fire rate is higher.

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