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PSX Doom style mods

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I love PSX Doom. It's what introduced me to the world of Doom and fps games overall. Obviously I love the PSX Doom TC, but one thing I've always wondered is is there a mod which just brings the enhancements of PSX Doom (New sounds, colored lighting, etc.) without changing anything else. So far, my searches have brought no results but if anyone knows of a mod which does this or something similar, please let me know!

EDIT: Also interested in Doom 64 style mods that do what I mentioned above.


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The sounds are available in a lot of places, just search for "psx sounds wad". Colored lighting is another thing, as it has to be set in the maps themselves when building them.
Here's a wad with psx sounds, plus a dehacked inside that changes revenant and lost soul behavior as it was on console (slower and less hp).


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The kind of mod you are describing has not been made yet, but people have wanted it for years. Sound mods exist but the usual music ones only work for the vanilla IWADs (Doom 1, 2, and Final Doom) but not stuff like Master Levels and NRFTL usually. The PSX sound effects mods are good but none have been updated to have the recently surfaced archvile sounds. Adding colored lighting is not so simple sadly. The maps would need to be painstakingly converted to the UDMF format. changing the maps themselves to add colored sectors wouldnt be that bad, one could copy the color values from PSX TC or something. PSX Doom didnt just have colored lighting, it had new content added and Doom 2 stuff in Ultimate Doom. Thats a tall order for a mod project, even if its just the first 4 episodes as a start. maybe some day work will be done but in the meantime PSX TC and N64/PSX Master Edition is all we have. 

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I was wondering the same thing and I decided to do my own digging, but nothing too much sadly. I found a really cool looking Doom 64 texture mod being made by someone a couple years ago over at the ZDoom forums here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=56718

But sadly, it seems as though the project was halted for the time being. There was a file that was shared in that post, but it isn't the same as the one shown in the screenshots. It's a shame because a texture pack like that would've been freaking amazing.

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