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Just for fun: My 5 favourite DooM mappers

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-Castle, who worked on NRFTL (check out his YT channel!)

-Dario Casali, not only because he made half of Plutonia but also because he made the awesome TF2 map, Badwater Basin


... I'll be honest, I don't really know many other mappers and don't play WADs these days, but those are my top picks.

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This isn't my all time favorite list, just some mappers from the past 5 years or so that really stand out to me listed in alphabetical order.






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This would be the top 5 mappers that influenced me the most. The list isn't in a particular order except for the top position where I put my favourite mapper:

Alexander S. "Eternal"

Anthony Czerwonka "Adelusion"



Kim André Malde


Here's a longer list of other mappers that are important to me: Sverre Kvernmo, Chris Couleur, Jim Flynn, Bob Evans, Malcolm Sailor, Anders Johnsen, Erik Alm, Big Memka, Shadowman, Beeween, Azamael, Huy Pham, Valkiriforce, Nicolas Monti, Xaser, and many others...

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GGGmork: Best mapper ever.

TimeOfDeath: Specially cause of tom19.

PLA: Made dark tartarus.

Huy Pham: I still think dv map02 is one of the best maps ever.

Archi: Made rush.

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It's very tough to choose and my runners-up list would be a mile long. Some days I like slaughter maps, other days I don't, so I tried to think in a generalized way.


My favorite mappers from the id team are Tom Hall and Sandy Petersen, the maps that were collaborations especially.

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Doom Marine (for Deus Vult wads)

Kaiser (don't tell me you guys forgot CIF3 existed)

Alexander "Eternal" S (does this need explaining or)

Andy Johnsen (while the late Kim Malde had the most memorable maps, Andy carried the AV project and carried it well)

pcorf (for still hanging around and having loads of prolific playable releases)

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20 minutes ago, NuMetalManiak said:

pcorf (for still hanging around and having loads of prolific playable releases)


But only the post WOS pcorf counts. "He learnt a lessons of symmetry - Borat"

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I find the low density of Joshy mentions in this thread disturbing. As far as maps that fall under my skill level are concerned, no one else makes hardcore quite as in-depth and entertaining as he does. Less so in Speed of Doom, although I thoroughly enjoy that megawad for what it is, but most certainly in Resurgence (my favorite megawad ever, which frustratingly does not get referenced as frequently as the other modern classics), and his guest appearances in later releases are always among the more memorable entries for all the right reasons.


Skillsaw became an instant favorite of mine when I came across his "Slugfest" from Community Chest 4, having never heard of the guy before that point. That map was so satisfying to play at the time that I immediately pinned the guy down as quite a special level design wizard, and going through everything else he's released or been involved with only further reinforced that notion. Even so, his maps do have flaws, and he does an annoy me when he goes full autopilot, like with Ancient Aliens's silly MAP29, which makes an especially poor contrast to the immediately preceding masterpiece I would say.


Scythe is the first Erik Alm wad I ever played, and at the time the first mapper that made me feel like he was just as skilled at map design as the Id Software pros, if not better than that even (note that I wasn't good enough to play Alien Vendetta at the time, while the likes of Hell Revealed and Memento Mori, even acknoweldging the very strong gameplay elements they had, could feel quite unpolished at times). I mean, I don't need to explain how this guy's work stands out, Scythe and Scythe II are basically the spiritual predecessor to just about everything else from then on, and Scythe II remained my favorite megawad ever for quite a long time before the Speed of Doom revolution occured, so to speak, and later on Skillsaw started dabbling in the megawad business.


I think Eternal is extremely underrated, one of the very best conveyers of atmosphere in the entire community, and when he actually wants to bother making quality encounters he certainly does just that. It's unfortunate that few of his works reach the polished balance of ambience and gameplay that Frozen Time or Hell Ground have, but I suppose that is just a byproduct of his exeperimental approach.


I can't think of many other mappers I feel quite as strongly about as the above. Darkwave0000 certainly holds his own in Speed of Doom for the most part. I was of course stricken by Dragonfly, Ukiro and antares031's works in Eviternity, but I don't know much about them as mappers outside of that specific wad. Capellan's monster usage can certainly be ingenious like no other's. Ribbiks and dannebubinga are fantastic mappers judging by the early parts of Sunlust (I've never made it past MAP05), I love "Down Through" in particular. Esselfortium and Mechadon have also stood out to me before, both through their works in the BTSX series and as guest mappers in other projects.


There are lots of other mappers I enjoy for such annd such reason, but since this is supposed to be a favorites list I've got to make cuts.

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Skillsaw - easiest pick of my life, Valiant and Ancient Aliens are both among my all time favorites. Consistently high visual and gameplay quality among all of his numerous works.


Dragonfly - same as above, but with Skulldash and Eviternity.


Ribbiks - I was hesitant to place him here, as I can't exactly beat his levels on a consistent basis, but having played all of Sunlust and both Stardates on co-op (more than once) was such a blast that I cannot omit him. His maps have such unique identity and have inpired me so much over time, that I greatly appreciate his works.


AD_79 - Violence is still to this day one of the most fun experiences I had with Doom, though somewhat quick to play through. His recent work on the Mappwich also reminded me how great of a mapper he is.


Xaser - dead.air is a truly incredible wad that I replayed many times in the past, which also served as a big inspiration for me. His Eviternity map is one of the highlights of that wad as well.


Honorable Mentions: FloatRand (Disjunction),  Pyroscourge (Winter's Fury),  Payload4367 (Dark Encounters), Mechadon (Eviternity24, Counterattack), Tango (Paradise).

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