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GZDOOM Heretic/Hexen Automap question

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Posted (edited)


"Automap Options

Draw Map Background - Off


That's it!

I can't believe I missed it.


Would delete the post if I could."


Original question:



Am I missing an obvious automap option in GZDOOM when playing Heretic or Hexen?

Can you change the background of the automap in those games?

Because when you find the in game map. Even if you have "enable textured display" set on. It looks like this:


As you can see the lines beyond explored area are not very easy to see.


Here's a similiar picture of Doom's automap for comparison:


This is closer how I would like it to look like.


Of course the "Overlay" is more clear in Heretic/Hexen. But I prefer this automap.


Not a huge problem... But the more I play the more I wish it would be better. Considering how often Heretic maps give you a Map scroll, and how it's fun to go looking for the remaining secrets using it.



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