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Deluxe Edition DLC question

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In trying to set up a pre-order ahead of time, I have no quality assurance as to how the DLC will turn out, but still want the Classic Weapon Sound if only for novelty; that doesn't exactly justify $30 extra by itself, however. So the question is will that and the skin be part of like, a Deluxe Upgrade, individual DLC, or be entirely Deluxe Edition-exclusive for purchase? It doesn't seem like id or Bethesda have discussed this anywhere that i've seen. Just as well, I urge people to be cautious about buying the Deluxe Edition, because we have no idea if the content will be almost worthless like the Wolfenstein 2 DLC or actually have meat on its bones (or, worst case scenario, feel like bits that should have been in the main campaign but got cut for deadlines).

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From what I can tell is that the Rip and Tear pack is exclusive to pre-order not just for the deluxe edition but the story DLC  IS for deluxe edition.  

It wouldn't surprise me if it becomes available for individual purchase later down the line post release.


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