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Messing with Jump behavior

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State of the Art graphics, super explosions, beyond any video ever seen. amazing. Spend 8 years on it. ignore the date stamp of 2 minute production. Beyond amazing. Like going to the moon. remastered proffessional music like no other.




Mostly just working on simple ai for map. In video its a test room for ai placed outside the map. Couldn't get monsters to jump up ledges. I don't understand how this one wad made it work. "Canjump" code did nothing in my wad, but in this old forum post it works! 




I have no plans to go "too far" into monster modification. Just some basic principles to help the ai fight you and themselves, longer battles, due to the maps nature to not surround player, battles take place when player not arround. So making monsters, fight the good fight longer. emphasis on dodging. poorer aim, longevity.


Production quality of video 175%. 8 years in the making, backed by my imagination.

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